Questions about what happened on 4/29

The “official story” from “official government sources” is that weekend a lone gas truck driver crashed a single tanker loaded with 8,600 gallons of unleaded gasoline into a guardrail in what they say was an ordinary accident. Unfortunately there are too many questionable statements, too many conflicting reports, and too many outright impossibilities for any serious, thoughtful individual to take this “official report” seriously.

Let’s review the facts.

Unlike the World Trade Center, the 580/980/880/80 overpass was reinforced against earthquakes and was not under the enormous compressive load that the towers were when they fell. The overpass was designed to support gridlocked traffic in an earthquake, but it collapsed without even a single car on it. The fire consumed only 8,600 gallons of fuel, whereas the WTC was allegedly brought down by 24,000 gallons of fuel. Does Governor Schwarzenegger really expect us to believe a story even more preposterous than the already-discredited official story about 9/11?To answer the question “Who is responsible for this terrible tragedy?” we must ask who stood to gain the most. George Soros? The California Department of Transportation? The Jews?

We pray that those drawn to the 4/29 issue by sensationalist claims will stay long enough to learn the less theatrical but equally damning truth.

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  1. schwa Says:

    To answer the question “Who is responsible for this terrible tragedy?” we must ask who stood to gain the most. Halliburton? George Soros? The California Department of Transportation? The Jews?

    It seems that the Bay Area Rapid Transit is going to be making out with a little money on this. Governor Schwarzenegger approved a “Free Ride Day“, where the state will pay for expected influx of BART commuters.

  2. baybeard Says:

    Notice the accident coincides almost perfectly with a steel shortage.

  3. thelonius Says:

    I have heard that the employees of the Israeli consulate in SF were warned to stay off of that overpass between the hours of 2 Am to 5 AM.

  4. Hugh Peckerwood Says:

    Anyone notice how neither the San Jose Sharks OR the Golden State Warriors can account for their whereabouts at 4am on 4/29?

    Another thing is that Critical Mass happened that Friday, coincidence? I think not.

  5. steve Says:

    I believe there is an eye witness who saw the truck driver with Carl Rove at the white house one week before the crash. I do know for a fact that all jews in the area were notified to stay off of the bridge.

  6. John Yingling Says:

    Never really thought about this.

    Good work!

  7. John Yingling Says:

    Also, the eagle in your banner is just fucking perfect.

  8. BewareTheSneakray Says:

    There is truth brother … the mighty Sneakray army is rising from the seas, the forests, the plains … tired of mankind constantly decimating the planet … this was their first warning … a deliberate strike against our human infrastructure … this was their first warning … continue to reveal the truth about the Sneakray … or else all mankind is doomed!

  9. Harry Paratestes Says:

    i think we can all agree that this was the work of the jews

    lets examine the facts….

    the jews have access to this section of freeway
    the jews have access to semi trucks
    the jews have magical flamable fluids that burn longer and hotter than any protestant fuels (remember hanukkah….yeah how do u think those candles stayed lit?! jew magic i tell you)
    the jews only come out at night…this accident happened at night coincidence? i think not
    the jews have a motive….they want all the gold in san francisco to be theirs! so by blowing up the freeway they can keep those dirty protestants out in the east bay and central valley where they belong
    the jews are jews

    so i think this is ample evidence to determine that this was in fact the work of the jews. end.

  10. Ontario Emperor Says:

    I got here via Michael Hanscom’s links. I haven’t read through all of the entries yet, but does anyone have any conclusive proof that there really WAS a truck?

  11. Titty ball grand master ghey face Says:

    the Starseed have come to complete there unfinish task of the destructions of Atlantis

  12. An Evil Jew Says:

    As a Jew, I feel compelled to comment on the assertion that ‘the Jews’ may have had the most to gain from destroying this highway overpass and are likely suspects for leadership of a 4/29 conspiracy.

    On behalf of Jews worldwide, I would like to say the following:

    We did it.

    No particular reason, just to show we could.

    At our last conspiracy meeting (you know, the ones where we decide the next steps for Hollywood and the banking industry?), someone mentioned that he could get explosives for us wholesale. It was such a deal, you wouldn’t beleive!

    So, once we had the stuff, we had to find something to blow up and Crazy Herschel (that’s what we call him – he’s such a meshugganeh!) had the idea of re-creating our great work on the World Trade Centre conspiracy on a west coast highway.

    So, there you go. Mystery solved.

    Gotta run – doing a PowerPoint presentation tonight for the Elders of Zion golf tournament at the next joint meeting of the Commission and the Skull and Bones Alumni …

  13. no one in particular Says:

    Its obvious who is behind this.

    Charles Barkley. His disdain for the Bay Area is
    well known.

  14. bg Says:

    Perhaps Arnold was staying the night in S.F?

    A cameras mechanical eye will always read a darker resolution than the human eye.

  15. Joe Buck Says:

    A directive was just sent out from Leader Kos. You guys are so banned! And of course the ban applies everywhere, because the entire left-blogosphere does his bidding, unless overruled by the master puppeteer, George Soros himself (all hail Leader Soros).

  16. BLG Says:

    This nothing in comparison to the fact that the bleeding heart liberals are trying to pass a law that allows persecution of Christians!!! Oh you won’t hear about this by the liberal media sources. I heard about it from Christian Radio Network.

  17. just another crazy Says:

    Not only was it those jews, I bet it was CANADIAN jews – ’cause you know how much they hate Americans – no, wait, they are Americans too….

    Ok, Ok, then it must have been those MEXICAN jews…no, they are Americans too….

    Hey, isn’t Charles Barkley a secret jew and a member of the Skull and Bones Society too? I think I heard that yesterday…

  18. Dan Says:

    Steels undergo a solid-solid phase transformation @ 720 C, roughly. Though it’s not melted, it loses most of it’s strength.

    However, I’m a jew, and I knew this, so here’s another vote for the jews.

  19. My Fault Says:

    Sorry, I had a bunch of burritos the night of 4/28, and had gas something terrible. As I’m sure you are aware, methane from refried beans mixed with hot pepper oils burns something fierce on the way out. That increased the temp of the whole fire so much that it was like a light saber through mild steel. Whoops!!

  20. Cleatus the Fœtus Says:

    A friend of mine knows a guy that has photos absolutely proving that aliens did it.

    First, they are well known to use waterways for covert entrance/exit, and this is of course right next to the water.

    Second, everybody knows since the airplane theory of 9/11 was totally debunked that FIRE CANNOT MELT STEEL. Google it, people! Looking at the photographs, any fool can see that there was obviously some serious alien death ray action there that night. That explains why the freeway fell straight down — the aliens were positioned directly overhead, and shot their death ray straight down at an angle perpendicular to the ground.

    Third, that is rush hour for returning alien abduction victims. They like to return the victims while they would be sleeping, and like to do it under cover of darkness and when very few people are out and about.

    Anyways, like I said, my friend’s friend has seen the photos and says they have totally been verified by a government agency. Unfortunately, he is on the run at the moment, because as soon as they saw the photos and realized that they could blow the whole alien coverup wide open, they tried to confiscate all copies of the photos and all remove all people who had seen them. (If you’re listening here, alien men-in-black operatives, I haven’t seen them at all!).

  21. Joel Says:

    (This is from jwz’s blog and the YouTube footage is by baconmonkey)

    So, on the way home the other night, baconmonkey got some good footage of the freeway melting on his fancy new HD video camera. His friends were all, “OMG sell it to the networks”. He explains why that trick doesn’t actually work:

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  23. Gary Ogletree Says:

    Jews did it? Very funny. We know they didn’t because there are no disinterred bodies of Arab children anywhere near the site. A smokescreen is being thrown up here by the true agents and their minions. There are wheels within wheels and bones connected to bones. Arnold will find a scapegoat, I guarantee, but he is deathly afraid to name the real culprits. Mark my words. (You may use a check mark or an X, but do not, under any circumstances, use a plus sign–the Shura Council would not be amused.)

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  27. atablarasa Says:

    Where are the National Guards searching the truck drivers? Shouldn’t all gasoline tankers be grounded for at least a week? (Okay, they are already grounded, so parked, okay?)

  28. Stickie Says:

    Minutes after the “accident”, CalTrans crews were confiscating footage from the traffic cameras that captured the truth. Several witnesses confirmed that a small rocketcar, resembling a guided missile, originated from Alameda, sped through the area and slammed into the overpass.

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  32. serbian Says:

    you really think the jews would just throw away that much fuel.
    nahhhhh, I blame uuummm….
    a construction company . yeah they set a trip wire . this whole thing makes them have steady work. solid overtime too.
    I know tons of house painters who write graffitti at night. job security.

  33. I am a Jew Says:

    i am a Jew. Even though I live in LA, I got a phone call at 11:50pm on 4/28. The caller did not identify himself, but spoke to me in Yiddish. He told me to stay away from the Macarthur Maze for the rest of the night.

    I did not even know what the MacArthur Maze was — until the next morning….

  34. gwillie Says:

    Why hasn’t the FBI released the CalTrans surveillance tapes?

  35. Gabe Says:

    This is what was behind 9/11. The facts check out.

  36. lilredsammy Says:

    It was Gay, Viking Ghosts!! There were hidden rune stones in the pillars that held up bridge. We all know that vikings love runes. All vikings are dead so they had to be ghosts. They were in California so they had to be homosexual. There, I’ve solved the mystery. Call Art Bell and George Noory and let them know that I have this one under control.

  37. Jeffrey Hill Says:


    CNN: yeah well fire melted the steal and the “road” collapsed due to structural failure from the intense fire !

    Ummmm, hello children can you say compartmentalized psychological trauma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Ex-drone Says:

    When can we expect the Loose Change movie?


    There was a van parked nearby with five jews dancing and hi5’ing each other after the bridge was pulled. I got an email from an anonymous EMT worker who was at the scene when the bridge was pulled and told me they announced over a megaphone that the bridge was going to be pulled with thermate.

  40. Bruce Pilgrim Says:

    This has to be Bill Clinton’s fault. Or maybe Al Gore, trying to prove global warming, or something.

    It’s a vast liberal conspiracy.

  41. punk Says:

    I just know there is unexplained sulfur present!

  42. devolute Says:

    Why won’t the FBI release the CCTV camera footage?

    I heard an ‘expert’ witness say that he saw a black helicopter flying nearby the bridge.

    Also the Israeli embassy warned the jews not to use that bridge on the morning of the attack.


  43. Frank IBC Says:

    This happened on Yom Ha-‘Atzma’ut, Israeli Independence Day.

    Just a coincidence… nothing to see here folks… please keep moving…

  44. Roots Says:

    Yeah… and the U.S. hasn’t been on the moon in first place!

  45. Diggs Says:

    Okay, this couldn’t have been an attack done by Jews. Whomever planned this had to know the melting temperature of steel. Jews only know the melting temperature of gold.
    I’m just saying.

  46. Mike Says:

    You guys rock! I love these posts.

    I think the Governator himself did this to distract attention from California’s looming fiscal crisis. He could, in one stroke, show himself magnanimous by providing free transportation to all affected while later blaming his budget woes on the costs incurred by this “accident.” And of course it makes sensational copy and keeps the state’s problems off the front page.

    The jews indeed! Pffft!

    Where are the crackerjack Bay Area MSM investigative reporters when you really need them?!

  47. Caius Marcius Says:

    If only Rosie O’Donnell were still on the air – she would get to the bottom of this!

  48. johnny Says:

    there’s no way that fire was hot enough to cause the collapse. i mean, look at all that black smoke! that indicates the fire is burning poorly and is starved for oxygen. the collapse clearly had all the markers of a controlled demolition.

    the question we need to be asking is, quo bono? who benefits? did silverman recently take out an insurance policy on that section of the freeway?

  49. Bob dobalina Says:

    Strange that the drivers last name is Mosqueda?
    Look at it closely- Mosque
    The last part of Al- QUEDA.
    Coincides with the timewline for allowing Mexican trucks to cross the border carrying loads. These trucks and truckers have no safety standards in place…
    How bizzare there was a car fire at the exact same location 4 hours before? Now that is way too coincidental. Maybe the carfire was a trial run for the tanker? Or the car failed to bring down the freeway, so they waited for a tanker. Notice how they kept mentioning the fact that just like the steel in 9/11 melted, so did the freeway? hmmmm.

  50. Dave Says:

    As Bg says, the camera always give a darker resolution. If a flash had been used, which is seems as if it was, then it would illuminate the foreground (Arny) and darken the background. And I must say that I enjoyed the post from “An Evil Jew”. If you people haven’t read it, scroll up and do so.

  51. Dave Says:

    Oh, two posts, sorry…. as far as it being possible/impossible to melt steel with fuel, sounds like an exciting episode for the Myth Busters to me!

  52. Illuminated Says:

    You’ve all missed the obvious which is right under your noses. Alex Jones will reveal that the bridge was destroyed by the Illuminati in a futile attempt to keep Jones away from the Bohemian Grove! Can’t you see that Jones is in danger for revealing 911 truth? Now they’re even burning bridges at him.

  53. The Third Policeman Says:

    And why has the rest of the blogosphere ignored this story? Have they become just another part of the MSM? I call out you, Michelle Malkin, you are ignoring the role of jihadists in America who are responsible not only for the collapse of the overpass but have also infiltrated the office of RINO Ah-nold. Have you too become co-opted and enthralled by fame?

  54. Lord HEHE Says:

    Its clear as Hiltlers mustache that you yanks will never discover the Nazi secret code 1 flying saucer base .. so all i can say is hehe.. and a hehe again

  55. dave Says:

    killed the dinosaurs ^with nuclear weapons

  56. Domestic National Says:

    Actually, I saw a bunch of Iranians (I could tell by their attire and language) parked on the side of the road on the bridge the day before the explosion. They had some utility vans there. It looked like they were setting up some traffic cameras or something with wires. :-( I guess I should have called that into the police.

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  58. Purple Avenger Says:

    Preach it baby, preach it.

  59. Gremlins Says:

    I think that the thousands of little gremlins that hold concrete and steel together went on a sympathy strike because Boneheaded Conspiracy Nuts like yourself stopped paying off their sister union, The Loyal Order of Gremlins that Inhabit Brains of Idiots. Remember, when you don’t take your meds, gremlins will eat your brain.

  60. ma Says:

    You all are a bunch of left wing conspiracy nut cases. What really happened is that our beloved leader GW Bush is sparing all American’s (even you commie whackos) from the truth. This was a terrorist attack straight from the pit of hell, freedom hating, Iranian terrorist group leader Osam Ben. Gw has a plan, and he’s not telling the liberal news media just yet. But he will retaliate and make sure that freedom and the American way triumps over Evil. God bless you GW, for protecting your children in the USA. God Bless The US, Support The troups, One world united together, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Jesus second coming, GW Bush. You commie whack jobs can burn in hell!

  61. Yanni Says:

    It was the will of Allah to punish the faggots in the Bay area.

  62. 429 Truth Seeker Says:

    Never Forget!

  63. A conspirator Says:

    Dude, how about a mug…since I work for Caltrans. I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat.

  64. LanceThruster Says:

    The level of mockery involved clearly ignores those elements of 9/11 that truly are without precedent and too coincidental. I’d be willing to guess that the structural components will be examined in thorough detail even though it appears not to be a crime scene (whereas with the WTC, crime scene material was meticulously guarded before being destroyed, but without much forensic investigation).

    The beauty of false flag operations (whose occurences throughout history are UNDISPUTED FACT!) is that timely and effective application bring about EXACTLY the desired result. If there is anything that the current misadministration criminals need at this moment is a little misdirection.

  65. Daylight Atheism > For Your Reading Pleasure Says:

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  66. Liberalwhackjob Says:

    I’ve Got It! Check out the post from 429Truthseeker. This is obviously a devilishly clever scheme to sell more T-shirts to the American public. So, all you unpatriotic slobs get out there and buy!buy!buy! like King George told you to, and don’t forget your 9/11 coffee mug.

  67. The Fifth Dentist Says:

    Are we to believe that the alleged driver of this fuel truck walked a mile and a half, hailed a taxi cab, and then just walked into a faraway hospital? Has nobody noticed that none of the voluminous news coverage shows any evidence whatsoever of a fuel truck in the vicinity of the fire?

    Wake up people! THERE WAS NO FUEL TRUCK! And with no fuel truck, there cannot be 8,600 gallons of gasoline!

    One news photo shows two men dressed in firefighting gear, but carrying what appears to be a Bangalore torpedo, which is used for controlled demolition. The smoke from the squibs is clearly visible. Others show dozens of cylinders of the same type that welders use to cut through steel like it was butter. Gasoline fire indeed!

    Folks, this was WITHOUT A DOUBT the work of a demolitions crew. There is no other possible explanation. The pictures can’t lie. California DOT Maintenance & Operations Deputy Director Michael Miles was heard giving the order to “pull it”, which is demolitions slang for setting off the explosive charges that brought down the MacArthur Maze. What more proof do you need?

  68. Harry Paratestes Says:

    Im back! i was captured by the evil jews (most of which were in fact canadian) and they tortured me to find out how i learned their secrets. those evil evil jews forced me to eat delicious challa bread and play with funny tops…but i escaped. luckily i keep a pouch of gold on me at all times in case of emergency….i simply chucked the gold across the room and as the evil canadajews scrambled to scoop up the gold i made a run for it. but as i was running out i caught a glimpse of their secret plans….the macarthur maze was just the beginning! they plan to strike again!! their next target is the northbou………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh theyve found me…………………….

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  71. TehAfeistDevil Says:

    Because simple principles of physics are too hard for the wittle Amewican Patwiots to undewshtand….

    Metal expands at high temperatures. That is why they built kinks in pipelines ( ).
    When there isn’t room for the metal to expand, it bows out. In this case, the heat was enough, not to melt the steel, but soften it significantly. This caused the metal to break. That caused the bridge to fall.

    I bet you’re a Christian. You stupid religious nuts and your base aversion to any simple principles upheld by science… you instead have to cling to a far-fetched story that your tiny mind has the power to wrap around (a.k.a. big evil thing like satan and/or the gov’t vs super happy good thing like god and/or you)……………. you disgust me.

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