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More Questions about 4/29

Here’s more reasons to be suspicious of the “official story” about the 4/29 freeway crash.

  • The “crash” occured at 3:45 a.m. — when, suspiciously, there are no witnesses.
  • The truck’s driver was a 51-year-old man who conveniently doesn’t remember the crash at all.
  • The crash occurred in one of the most liberal locations in America — at the highway connecting Berkeley to San Francisco.

There are also holes in the official timeline. On 9/11, after being rammed by airplanes, each of the two towers remained standing for nearly an hour before collapsing. Yet we’re asked to believe that within ten minutes — and with Bay Area firefighters already on the scene — the highway had begun collapsing?

And the highway didn’t finish collapsing until a full 17 minutes after the fire started. What exactly happened during those 17 minutes?

11 Responses to “More Questions about 4/29”

  1. Ontario Emperor Says:

    Now if it were an 18 1/2 minute time period, I’d have a perfect explanation.

  2. Thor Says:

    This just in: Independent analysis of the wreckage has revealed the presence of aluminum. Professors Pons and Fleishman have scheduled a press conference at which they are expected to announce that aluminum powder is an ingredient in THERMITE, which is a known incendiary agent.

    Thermite burns at a temperature of 2,650 degrees C, which is hot enough to ignite the fuel commonly found in gas tanker trucks.

  3. superduper Says:

    aluminum is also in trucks

  4. Thor Says:

    This was special, INCENDIARY aluminum. We have the lab tests to prove it.

  5. Gary Ogletree Says:

    Notice this location is not far from the Oakland Army docks where Nissan transmissions are off loaded from JAPANESE SHIPS into tractor trailers. Those tranies go to Nashville, TN! Something’s going on! Ever hear of the Tennessee Cabal? Look it up!

  6. Slartibartfast Says:

    I think I heard the governator order that the overpass be “pulled”.

  7. Dr. Augustas Says:

    The “crash” took place at 3:45 am.
    3+4+5 = 12
    Distance from “crash” to Roswell, NM: 1047 miles
    1+0+4+7 = 12
    It’s pretty obvious that this is the work of Aliens. It’s been proven that They hate liberal bridges and 51-year old truck drivers. It all makes a bit too much sense to be a coincidence.

  8. Jakeleg Says:

    “Dr Augustas: They hate liberal bridges and 51-year old truck drivers. It all makes a bit too much sense to be a coincidence.”

    I’m kinda suspicious of the fact that they claim that the “driver” is 51 years old, considering that 51 is both the number of U.S. States, and the number of cards in a deck.

  9. 429 Truth Seeker Says:

    Bush let this happen. Open your eyes america!

  10. hmmm Says:

    Oh and there are “51” letters in Hitler (5+1) Which proves that the holocaust was a hoax. and 5 is only one number away from 4 (h) and 1 is one number away from 0 (o) on the phone, spelling “ho” which of course means homosexual. IT”S UNCANNY

  11. 4/ » Blog Archive » “Maintenance Crew” Sabotages 4/29 Overpass Says:

    […] used incendiary, not explosive charges on the bridge. This attack proves that sabotage caused the 4/29 collapse, since this fire was not able to melt the steel supports as 4/29 deniers claim happened in the […]

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