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4/ » Blog Archive » The “Truck” and the “Driver”.

The “Truck” and the “Driver”.

At the center of the 4/29 conspiracy is the “gas truck” and “driver” supposedly responsible for this tragedy. This report ( raises more questions than it answers as it paints the official story of “James Mosqueda”, a repeat felon who would be an easy target for pressure from law enforcement or other agencies. Those agents for some reason allowed “a person with a criminal background to drive a truck carrying more than 8,000 gallons of gasoline through a densely populated area.” “To get [his hazardous materials endorsement] he had to undergo an FBI criminal history check and an intelligence background check“, checks which would have detected his criminal history unless they had reasons to ignore them.

In a page seemingly pulled from a cheap Hollywood thriller the driver somehow jumped free from the crash and escaped the fireball. When confronted with the impossibility of his escape, the driver “kind of blacked out and the next thing he knew he was running away.” Are we to believe that the driver ran away from the blaze while unconscious? Mosqueda family friend Rev. Oliver Escalante claims that “If he walked away, it’s only because the Lord was with him”, which also strains the limits of credibility. If the Lord was with him, wouldn’t he have avoided the crash altogether?

Meanwhile Oakland firefighters … arrived with two engines at 3:55 a.m., just 14 minutes after the collision…. almost as if their response had been planned. They worked quickly to seal off the area from all civilians, then claimed that the entire freightliner had been conveniently vaporized and “No sign of the truck remains at the scene.” Not that this crash resembles any previous ordinary “truck crash”. This isn’t the first time there has been an attack on the Bay Bridge 580/880 interchange. “On Feb. 5, 1995, a tanker loaded with liquefied gas crashed and burned on the MacArthur Maze.” County officials knew for 12 years that such an accident was possible, and yet for some reason they did nothing to stop it.

It’s almost your perfect tabletop exercise — real pristine, clean, and nobody got hurt,” CHP Officer Mike Wright said. If you believe the official explanation, of course.

21 Responses to “The “Truck” and the “Driver”.”

  1. Peter Ragone Says:

    how many people survived the collapse of 580 Macarthur maze to tell the story of what happened??? you coould instead listen to the audio tapes of countless firefighter who reported explosions all throughout the building. and the media isnt saying shit about how bad traffic is, watch some independent news or documentaries and you will see the difference. just keep voting on american idol and leave politics to people who see the world how it is.

  2. ...Paul Says:

    Fourteen minutes for a two-engine firefighting response time in a major city isn’t suspicious. Given the time of the event, traffic would be light, and given the proximity to the urban centers of Oakland and San Francisco, there’d be firefighters on duty to respond.

    Now, why the incident in ’95 didn’t get anyone interested in shoring up the infrastructure, and definitely the idea that a felon would be granted a license to haul a large quantity of flammable liquids… Those make me wonder.

  3. Chris Says:

    It was reported on the network news that the tankcar driver took a taxicab to the hospital was treated and realeased. If emergency responders were on the scene in 14 minutes, then that means the driver was able to contact a taxicab company and get a ride within 14 minutes. or did he flag down a passing taxicab? Wouldn’t official protocol in an accident of this magnitude require that the emergency responders arrange for his triage and transportation via ambulance to the nearest hospital? Why were no blood alcohol tests taken at the scene as they would for an ordinary citizen. Clearly the driver was ambulatory if he managed to escape the wreckage. There is a huge inconsistency here.

  4. Chris Says:

    Also, even if as reports say, blood alcohol was not an issue by the time he made it to the hospital, then how was he released? He wasn’t held for hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, destruction of public property? It would seem that some charge would have been levied in regards to his leaving the scene of the accident and taking a cab to the hospital, as it would for any other ordinary citizen in this country. Why wouldn’t he wait at the scene for emergency responders, especially if he was injured as the cab driver stated? Leaving the scene and evading authorities is exactly what someone, who has something to hide, would do. Yet, thus far, no charges seem to be filed, not even for wreckless driving.

  5. Liberalator Says:

    Everyone is overlooking the fact that this man’s name is Mosqueda… MOSQUE!

  6. Gary Ogletree Says:

    I’ve driven big rigs on that ramp and there’s no way you could have a accident; it’s a long curve and all truck drivers slow down on those ramps. Think of the strategic location of the “accident.” Blackwater teaches their operatives the kind of advanced driving techniques that could take out two roads at one hit. Are you with me here? The real answers are in the woods near the NC VA border! Check it out, I said it first!

  7. L1F3 Says:

  8. Thoreau Says:

    Everyone is overlooking the fact that this man’s name is Mosqueda… MOSQUE!

    Nah, that sounds like a diversion to me. What really matters is that the spelling looks Spanish.

    OMG! The Mexicans are terrorists now!

  9. Levintofu Says:

    All I know is the “Drive” had to espace from the crash jumping:

    Thye found more then one drive on a grassy knoll nearby!!!

    4*49 = 116 which is the mirror opposite of 911

    Cheese can’t melt in the microwave!!!

    Google it!!

  10. Diggs Says:

    “Mosqueda”? Sounds like the “driver’s” name is a mix of “Mossad” and “al Queda”.
    Think about it!

  11. xLittleP Says:

    I like what you’re doing here, but I have to take issue with your assumption that “If the Lord was with him, wouldn’t he have avoided the crash altogether?” First of all, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Other than that, this is just the dude’s reverend thanking God for his friend’s safety. You’re trying pretty hard if you’re going to pen even his reverend as in on it all. And I’m not saying that you should ignore him just because he’s a reverend and supposed to be a good person, I’m just saying that the reverend is going to be pretty far removed. He probably just showed up at the hospital to see his friend, talked to him before reporters got there, and then was the only person the reporters could interview at the hospital.

    And Chris, you would be a pretty cruel prosecuting attorney if you expect that someone with second degree burns who just escaped an explosion should sit and wait around for emergency units to respond. You can’t have a clear mind after that. It’s just too post-traumatic.

    Like I said, I like what everyone’s doing here, questioning the story. I just think we should be trying to ask the right questions. Like Gary Ogletree’s for instance; how do you crash a truck on that turn? At what speed must you be going to do that? What to the tire tracks tell us?

  12. Doodle Bean Says:


    Despite the distinctly liberal sound of your name, I have to agree with you that the driver’s name is quite suspicious! Why hasn’t anyone else connected the Islamofascifeminazipinkocommiemoonbat dots?!


  13. Doodle Bean Says:

    Gary Ogletree,

    Well said, my son! Well said! Absolutely nobody could be under the influence or fall asleep and have an accident on that ramp!

    Thanks for the data and stay sharp!

  14. dave Says:

    hay i can be retarded to ok here it goes. rosie on the view said fire cant melt steel, president bush herd this and got mad so he turned on his mind control device he has under the white house,and ordered the truck driver who sadly didn’t have his tin foil hat on to crash the tanker into the bridge so it cant melt proving fire can melt steel. i heard that arnold paid for the gas out of his own account, and to cover it up bush, and arnold sent the truck driver back in time to the dark ages so no one would find him. now i heard that this is just the start , bush, and arnold are going gather all the republicans, and they are going to blow up all the bridges befor the election so people cant vote so the republicans can steal the election to start a new 1000 year Reich but instead of killing the jews there going to cleanse the world of democrats, and liberals all lefties. if anyone is interested im going to start a web site called, and im going to expose how bush killed the dinosaurs with nuclear weapons.

  15. Angela Motorman Says:

    That wasn’t a “truck” at all — it was a minivan. Mosqueda is a dupe — he was left behind to confuse first responders. The minivan driver has a history of such attacks, and here’s the proof:
    Jeesh. You people are so gullible. Just think about it, will you?

  16. Christopher Scafidi Says:

    So, xLittleP, am I correct in understanding you that trauma entitles you to leave the scene of a horrible accident you just caused? I had no idea. I’m sure the driving public will be glad to know that once the fires starts all you have to do to escape prosecution is claim trauma and leave the scene.

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  19. Michelle Kwan Says:

    Hello webmaster…I Googled for american flag hat, but found your page about ….and have to say thanks. nice read.

  20. drew Says:

    Okay, this article goes just a little too overboard. A 14 minute response time from the fire department is certainly not suspicious when there’s no traffic near a major city center.

    The driver says he ‘blacked out’ (this doesn’t imply he was unconscious, it’s probably just a poor choice of words), then remembers walking around disoriented…he probably just had a lapse in memory from right after wrecking. This is also not suspicious (he did just wreck a truck).

    Also, I think he stopped a passing cab (you really think he called a cab service while too disoriented to know what he was doing?). And since this did occur at an interchange, he might have walked quite a distance before hitching the ride. Even if he didn’t get the ride before emergency services arrived at the scene, he might have been missed if he had walked to a different road (he could have walked half a mile in 10 minutes, three quarters in 15).

    He “jumped free and escaped the fireball”. That’s not necessarily miraculous, as I’ve read several other tanker accidents resulting in fires where the drive escaped relatively unharmed (the load is behind the cab, and as the truck is moving forward, leaking fuel will have a tendency to spread away from the cab, at least in theory, as well as there being a possibly delay between wrecking and ignition).

    “Those agents for some reason allowed “a person with a criminal background to drive a truck carrying more than 8,000 gallons of gasoline through a densely populated area.””

    That comment is loaded. If you mean the TSA as “Those agents”, they did not do all of the below…they only granted the driver a security clearance to obtain a HazMat endorsement on a Commercial Driver’s License.

    Not all felony convictions are disqualifying for a Hazmat endorsement. Also, according to the link provided in the article, “There is also a five-year waiting period after a convict is released from prison. Since Mosqueda was released in 1998, he appears to have become eligible in 2003.” If he should have been permanently disqualified for his offences, then the TSA DID make a mistake, but the article is too vague on his actual criminal record to jump to that conclusion.

    “County officials knew for 12 years that such an accident was possible, and yet for some reason they did nothing to stop it.” That makes no sense, either…if it’s a poorly designed ramp, what are they going to do, rebuild the entire interchange to prevent one possible accident? There are many, many worse junctions and roads, yet nothing is done to correct them. Does that mean there’s a conspiracy in every situation a bad roadway design exists, and isn’t corrected? That’s silly.

    The Jesus comment says nothing about his credibility. That’s like wrecking and “Thanking God I’m alive”, then having someone say “You shouldn’t thank God, you wrecked.” The above article is way off on that one.

    Diesel fires do not melt steel, they don’t get hot enough to. We all know that. However, heating steel DOES weaken it and reduces it’s useful load. I think 9/11 was a conspiracy, but this particular blog entry doesn’t make much of a case for this wreck (but the question remains, where is the tanker in the pictures? There should be truck remains SOMEWHERE)

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