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Freeway Mysteriously Re-Opens Early

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

A “truck” that no one has ever seen supposedly ignites an Oakland freeway before mysteriously disappearing. The driver doesn’t remember the crash, which conveniently occured at 3:45, when there were no witnesses and no injuries were reported.

Suddenly a little more than three weeks later — the highway’s back! It’s somehow magically healed itself! There were distracting news stories about steel shortages and horrendous predicted traffic backups — but were these just carefully planted acts of misdirection?

Three weeks later, the highway is as good as new.

Almost like the accident had never even happened….

In fact, the winning contractor seemed to know they’d complete the job in record time. Their bid for the supposedly-intense construction job was just $867,075 — when CalTrans had predicted it would cost $5 million. Why so low? They apparently had some special expertise or inside knowledge, telling them they could claim the extra $5 million in bonuses promised for completing the work by June 2. Why were they so sure?

A local college professor at U.C. Berkeley examined the highway’s four new supporting piers. They know they’re faulty; they were damaged nearly 20 years again in the big Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. After completing a careful study, he located a tell-tale crack inside one of the highway supports. Is the government laying the foundation — or the lack of a foundation — for re-creating an identical freeway collapse?

The college professor can’t speak to the pre-planning of a government conspiracy to trigger future transportation “accidents.” But can he at least say that this highway meets safety standards for withstanding an earthquake?

No he cannot.

And is he going to drive on the newly re-opened highway?

No, he is not.

Breaking News: Attack reported in Redwood City

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Another tragedy has occurred just 23.81 miles from the site of the 4/29 operation. Bay area news sources are reporting a very recent “tanker truck” which exploded in Redwood City, CA. On the spot eyewitnesses at the Mills Way location report that the explosion from the “truck’s” payload was so powerful that it launched debris and car parts, killing at least one civilian witness.

As with the 4/29 event, “The truck was completely destroyed in the fire.” Just like on 4/29 and 9/11, the munitions delivery vehicle was completely destroyed on impact… or was it? On-site reports indicate that the truck’s disintegration was not complete this time. Was ABC7 News given an advance report? Was this operation botched, the same as on 9/11 when the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 30 minutes early?

At the time of this writing, workers in a civilian office building near the site of the “accident” are being prevented from leaving, allegedly because debris from the explosion is blocking the door. Is there something in that “debris” that the government doesn’t want us to see? One patriot on the scene reports having been interrogated by suspicious individuals who refused to show identification. Some of the questions our source was asked implied that the questioners believed a missile might have been involved in the incident.

The attack was clearly timed just days before the 4/29 memorial overpass was scheduled to reopen. The message is clear: until the agents who planned 4/29 are brought to justice, Bay Area residents will never be safe.

Rosie O’Donnell looks at WTC7, ignores I580

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell has announced that “The View” will be hosting a discussion on the controlled demolition of WTC7. We hope that this famous metallurgical skeptic will not ignore the very similar 4/29 controlled demolition. 429Truth would welcome the opportunity to present our case to the “View” audience and public.

Evidence disposed of in China

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

If the collapse was just a freak accident, why won’t the government let forensic engineers examine the site? Caltrans is preventing leading civil engineers from examining the wreckage. Instead, the debris is being shipped to China for “recycling” without being examined, even though steel is worth a mere 15 cents/pound, hardly enough to cover the shipping costs.

What the Government Knew

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Records have surfaced showing the exploding tanker truck carried extra gasoline — more than is legal — on past delivery missions on four separate occassions. This new information adds a new wrinkle to our understanding of 4/29. It’s very possible that when it crashed, the tanker truck had been illegally overloaded with yet-another cargo of dangerous, freeway-destroying gasoline.

But why? Who would want the highways to be travelled by a flammable truck stuffed with extra gasoline — and driven in a truck with a history of brake problems?

Look at the facts. Government agents had already spotted the truck and the extra gasoline it carried. But the California Highway Patrol had also once identified the exploding tanker truck’s brakes as so dangerously faulty, they’d immediately ordered it not to return to the highway.

But then new brakes were mysteriously delivered and installed at the inspection site — and the doomed tanker continued on towards its catastrophic destiny.

Earlier we noted that the driver, a repeat felon, would be an easier target for pressuring from a rogue official or agencies intent on coercing cooperation. But even if they’d found their man, who would pull the strings to waive the obvious safety regulations to put this plan into action?

It’s not just the driver who was vulnerably living under a cloud. His trucking company had already been scheduled for an official review. And while the California Highway Patrol flagged a continuous string of violations — at least 60 over the last three years — instead of improving, the trucking firm’s record suddenly got dramatically worse. They’d failed one out of every four inspections up until this last year, when they began failing a whopping 75% of all safety inspections.

These are questions that won’t be asked by people blinded by the “official” story — but there’s a pattern here, and it can’t be wished away. The highway re-opens, the sun shines, and Californians blindly continue on with their lives, imagining a public safety which may no longer exist.

So the trucking firm racked up violations, they tell themselves nervously, and in three out of every four inspections, and for an entire year. The government will protect us, right? Any bad people would never be allowed to hurt us and our vital highways. The California Highway Patrol will act against that trucking firm belatedly — right?

“We may not,” their chief confided to a reporter in Arizona.

What possible reason could he give for not acting against a company with an obvious record, over three years, of violating the public safety?

“If we find this is a string of bad luck.”

A Blast from the Past

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Videos and photos of the attack and its aftermath are beginning to surface, and serious-minded skeptics cannot help but see the same clues indicating the identical demolition which links the MacArthur maze overpass and the World Trade Center. KGO News captured a video of the collapse which raises numerous questions that officials are either ignoring or will not directly answer. As with the World Trade Center, it is easy to see the 580 overpass drop directly into its own footprint in a smooth, vertical motion, collapsing at free-fall speed, exactly like the controlled demolition that brought down the World Trade Center.

Officials continue to obfuscate and lie; even now the conspirators are dispatching their trusted agents to trump up the official conspiracy theory. Abolhassan Astaneh, a Berkeley civil engineering professor and “leading expert on the response of steel and composite structures to earthquakes, bombs, and other extreme events will be investigating the incident after being promoted to “fixer in chief” for his stunning work covering up the collapse of the World Trade Center towers right after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It’s the same play all over again.

The terrorists have also taken a page from the old playbook. The 9/11 attacks were designed to be a terrifying and near-simultaneous quadruple attack:

Like 9/11, the 4/29 attacks also appeared as a quadruple attack:

Those who do not recognize conspiracy when it appears are doomed to repeat it.

4/29 is 9/11

Meanwhile, one must ask why the truck involved in the highway collapse had not passed a single inspection since summer 2004 without at least one violation, according to the federal records. Who allowed it to remain on the road, and what was their real motivation?

LA Times on 429truth

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Today’s LA Times shone their spotlight on We appreciate their coverage: unlike other papers they outlined at least a subset of the most convincing evidence and asked their readers to approach the numerous unanswered questions about 4/29 with an open mind. “If a person takes the time to create a website, isn’t that proof enough?” Perhaps not proof, but if a person takes the time to create a website we’re happy that the LA times finds it appropriate to seriously consider what those people have to say.

Our only point of clarification: we resent being lumped in with obvious joke websites. Unlike those who would make light of the 4/29 terror attacks, we are serious. The LA Times, as a highly respected bastion of journalism, should be smart enough to do their research and know the difference.

XKCD slams 429truth

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

XKCD joins sides with the COINTELPRO truth-suppression program with their latest comic mocking true patriots everywhere. cannot help but notice that they published their comic at 4:29 AM exactly. COINCIDENCE?

What did the NSA know and when did they know it?

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

429truth-911-call.mp3Newly-released recordings of eyewitnesses to Saturday’s “crash” add a puzzling new dimension and raise numerous questions for those pushing the official 4/29 “lone truck driver” theory.

Caller: *inaudible* blowing up right now on the side of the freeway
911: Stop screaming, tell me what is blowing up.
Caller: A giant buil… we can’t even see… all we see is… we hear a bunch of blowing up buildings…
911: OK, OK, calm down, where is this at?
Caller: It’s on, um, oh my god, we exited Market from 880 North. It’s Oakland. OK, OK, Oh my god!
911: Ma’am, stop for one second. OK, it’s in the city of Oakland on Market?
Caller: Off Market. We are on Park Avenue, we’re looking across the freeway, it’s on the other side…
911: but it’s not on the freeway?
Caller: It doesn’t look like it. It looks like a building. There are four explosions…
911: OK, OK, just a second…

911: I’m sure you guys are getting multiple calls on it. The explosion near Market and 880. Are you getting it on 880?
911-2: We’re getting it on the freeway. Can you confirm?
911: Well my caller is putting it on market and 880 and says there are buildings exploding but she doesn’t know what’s going on.
911-2: Do you have the caller on the line? Caller, go ahead. Can you confirm is it a building or is it a freeway?
Caller: It’s a building. It’s a building on the other side of the freeway.
911-2: A building on the other side of the freeway?
Caller: If you’re taking 880 north
911-2: Northbound 880…
Caller: Keep going, it’s going to be on the left side of the freeway.
911-2: Northbound 880 on the left side of the freeway.
Caller: There’s a ton of smoke.
911-2: Do you know where the closest on/offramp to the exit is?
Caller: We exited Market and we kept going to 34th street.

9/11 operators are specifically ask the caller if the explosions are on a building or the freeway — and she replies numerous times that it’s a building. A building which produced several explosions before the freeway caught fire.

Was 4/29 really a terrorist attack against our national transportation infrastructure, or was it a botched attack on an even higher-value target? Were 9/11 operators told in advance that there would be a building explosion? Is the caller on this recording legitimate, or is she a well-rehearsed actor unknowingly providing information about the real plan before it was botched? How are we sure that the caller’s voice is an ordinary 9/11 caller and not a government agent on a false flag mission? AT&T has recently demonstrated that they are willing to act illegally to advance government conspiracy. A simple flick of a switch at AT&T’s secret NSA spy room on Folsom Street could place or re-route 9/11 calls from anywhere to anywhere. Is “429” the telephone-obsessed National Security Agency’s secret Folsom Street hanky code?

Warning Issued

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Do you assume you’re safe — that your government is protecting you?

What if someone in the government whispered to you that the federal government does not have your safety and security as its first priority.

Because they just did.

“The federal government really does not have the safety and security of its citizens as its first priority.”

That’s someone who should know — the Homeland Security committee chairman for the State of California. State Assemblyman Pedro Nava is as concerned as we are over the dangerous events of April 29 — and he’s daring to break the silence. If you’re concerned about whether your government is really there to protect you — you’re not alone.

“This is a real wake-up call,” he announces to the world in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This is another example….”