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Welcome, New Truth Seekers

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

I’d like to take this moment to welcome our new readers. hasn’t been up for very long, but already the response from skeptics and truth seekers is amazing. Most people seem to recognize that even if some of the details remain cloudy there are many, many problems with the “official story” which cannot be recently explained.

Special thanks are due to the informers who have come forward to provide valuable details not previously known.

I’ll close with the fortune I received at lunch. I’m not implying that the Chinese government had anything to do with this strike (although increased Chinese demand for high-quality steel and resulting scarcity has already been blamed for repair delays) but many signs from the very large to the very small are pointing to something still hidden but far larger than any of us might suspect.

iron construction

Did Arnold know?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

The highway collapsed at 4:02 am while California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger was supposedly asleep in Sacramento. Yet in these photos he is seen at the site of the collapse while it is still pitch black out: photo 1 photo 2 various photos

For reference:

  • Sunrise on 4/29 was 6:16 am but civil twilight started at 5:48 am, nautical twilight at 5:14 am, and astrononical twilight at 4:38 am, i.e. the sky started to get lighter at 4:38 and by 5:48 it was basically morning.
  • It is 78.3 miles from Sacramento to the crash site.

Here is a hypothetical timeline of events:

    4:02 highway collapses
    4:05 Governor receives phone call
    4:20 Showered and dressed (assume 15 minutes and that he shaved in the car)
    5:08 Arrive at site after 48 minute drive @ 100 mph
    5:13 Press conference starts (assume 5 minutes to get it going)
    5:33 Press conference ends and site tour begins (assume minimum 20 minute press conference. Note that Schwarzenegger, Newsom, and Dellums all talk and these are politicians talking.
    5:48 Tour of site ends (assume 15 minutes).

Yet the photos clearly show it’s still pitch black during the entire press conference and site tour, i.e. much earlier than the hypothetical timeline above. How could Schwarzenegger have arrived at the site any earlier? The answer is that the he knew what was planned. He should’ve waited a reasonable period of time before arriving at the site, but he probably couldn’t resist the Hollywood photo op in front of still glowing wreckage, not realizing that this would tip his hand and reveal his inside knowledge.

Was Schwarzenegger merely forewarned or did he have a hand in the planning? He’s a known RINO (Republican in Name Only) and has grown even more moderate recently. Could he be in cahoots with Democrats Newsom and Dellums to squeeze the federal government for even more transportation funds or to promote a progressive pro-mass transit agenda?