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4/ » Blog Archive » Did Arnold know?

Did Arnold know?

The highway collapsed at 4:02 am while California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger was supposedly asleep in Sacramento. Yet in these photos he is seen at the site of the collapse while it is still pitch black out: photo 1 photo 2 various photos

For reference:

  • Sunrise on 4/29 was 6:16 am but civil twilight started at 5:48 am, nautical twilight at 5:14 am, and astrononical twilight at 4:38 am, i.e. the sky started to get lighter at 4:38 and by 5:48 it was basically morning.
  • It is 78.3 miles from Sacramento to the crash site.

Here is a hypothetical timeline of events:

    4:02 highway collapses
    4:05 Governor receives phone call
    4:20 Showered and dressed (assume 15 minutes and that he shaved in the car)
    5:08 Arrive at site after 48 minute drive @ 100 mph
    5:13 Press conference starts (assume 5 minutes to get it going)
    5:33 Press conference ends and site tour begins (assume minimum 20 minute press conference. Note that Schwarzenegger, Newsom, and Dellums all talk and these are politicians talking.
    5:48 Tour of site ends (assume 15 minutes).

Yet the photos clearly show it’s still pitch black during the entire press conference and site tour, i.e. much earlier than the hypothetical timeline above. How could Schwarzenegger have arrived at the site any earlier? The answer is that the he knew what was planned. He should’ve waited a reasonable period of time before arriving at the site, but he probably couldn’t resist the Hollywood photo op in front of still glowing wreckage, not realizing that this would tip his hand and reveal his inside knowledge.

Was Schwarzenegger merely forewarned or did he have a hand in the planning? He’s a known RINO (Republican in Name Only) and has grown even more moderate recently. Could he be in cahoots with Democrats Newsom and Dellums to squeeze the federal government for even more transportation funds or to promote a progressive pro-mass transit agenda?

30 Responses to “Did Arnold know?”

  1. Robert Says:

    And I bet there was a plant that creates ROBOTIC Equipment nearby…

  2. peetr Says:

    Not saying he’s not involved but, “5:08 Arrive at site after 48 minute drive @ 100 mph”

    I would suspect he took a helicopter to the scene. I mean, he IS the governator…

  3. agent Jay Says:

    The bay view webcam at the Lawrence Hall of Science ( caught the explosion. Quite something.

  4. Damian P. Says:

    The Joooooooooooooo [deep breath] ooooooooooooooos did it!

  5. superduper Says:

    Agent Jay : those photos are fake, look at the comments.

    peetr : that makes a lot of sense.

  6. ...Paul Says:

    Not to put a big damper on the conspiracy theory, but keep in mind that cameras do not capture “twilight” well, particularly if they’re using a bright flash for foreground illumination.

    You’re also not taking into account the weather; between Saturday night and Sunday morning, the temperature dropped 20 degrees in many places around the Bay Area; in Pacifica, it was completely clouded over. Regardless when real dawn occurred, the heavy cloud cover over the Bay Area would’ve kept the “dawn light” from being a significant factor until past 6am.

    Some of the other points are interesting, but I think the fact that the photos show a dark background at close to dawn is just paranoia. Given the foreground lighting intensity, I suspect it’s the fact that the shutter speed was faster than would be necessary to capture a significant amount of background pre-dawn light.

  7. Zabruder Says:

    The governor traveled to the site via the network of secret underground ultra high-speed, hydrogen-powered, tubes that connect all the major cities together and secret government facilities together. The same tubes carry the Internets2.

    At 4:09am he’d begun placing puts with the Carlyle Group backed hedgefund shorting the stocks of the construction firms and cement factories.

    Also, Maria can fold space and time.

  8. Mary Says:

    He is a Terminator, and as such, may travel back in time.

  9. agent Jay Says:

    superduper, Paul… or should I say “superDUPED” and “FOOL?” Those pictures are as real as the ergonomic chairs supporting your stupid fat asses. Your willingness to dismiss them show that you are buying into the whole conspiracy. I would have thought this site would have illuminated you like the fire illuminated that picture. Oh well, I guess some people refuse to see the truth. Or maybe you are co-intel agents?

    Semper Fi!!!

  10. Muslims + Liberals = Miserable Says:

    Hey! Where’s my conspiracy theory?

    I mean, come on, obviously Lieberman did it. Duhhh…

  11. Gah Says:

    Maybe he took a black helicopter, I hear those things go real fast.

  12. Chris Says:

    Aren’t the new Terminators made of liquid metal? Maybe they’re using it for California Highways now.

  13. Zabruder Says:

    Terminators? Liquid Metal? Con-intel-pro?
    Now who’s confusing fiction with “reality”? I mean, come on…

    Although Mary makes a good point, you are at large all suggesting that at 4:03am the gooey metal center of the freeway support post was in fact made of “Terminator”. Therefore he wouldn’t need to go anywhere. In that case, we need to question whether or not the ‘attack’ was, in fact, an “attempt” by a ‘hero’ – the gas tank driver, to eliminate said ‘terminator’.

    We’re through the looking glass here people…..

  14. FreeYourMind Says:

    I can’t believe you’re ignoring the OBVIOUS connections between the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove, the Gnomes of Zurich, Bushitler’s Halliburton-Grey UFO Overlords, the Bavarian Illuminati and the California Department of Transportation and the secret cabal of the Zoroastrian schism of the Neo-Scientologist Front? Don’t you SEE the TRUTH right in front of you? Are you BLIND or is the AI that runs Google making you passive with endless subliminal messages? I can see now you’re all PART of the conspiracy.

  15. Kris Says:

    As an amature photographer, and knowing about flashes and exposure lengths, …Paul sounds like a more plausable explanation than the original story to me…

  16. Drew Says:

    Go outside at dawn and take some flash photos with someone in the foreground and the sky will be pitch black. The magic of light metering!

  17. WELT DEBATTE Says:

    Tanklastwagen explodiert, zerstört Brücke — Oder: Was geschah wirklich am 29. April?…

    Am Sonntag früh ist in Oakland, CA ein voll beladener Tanklaster während der Fahrt verunglückt und unterhalb einer Autobahnüberführung explodiert. WELT ONLINE berichtete (mit Bildern): Brennender Tanklastwagen zerstört StraßeDer Fahrer des LKW k…

  18. MadCarlotta Says:

    I’ve just been enlightened that “429” is code meaning “gay” because of where the letters fall on a telephone keypad. That’s why the site was filtered, apparently the word “gay” ,either said outright or in “code”, is deemed offensive.

    I’d say that’s a conspiracy in and of itself.

  19. CHF Says:

    Thank you, 4/29 truth for exposing this obvious coverup.

    As soon as I heard about this “accident” I knew something didn’t add up.

    A fuel-filled truck crashes right under an overpass and the fire weakens the steel, thus making a mockery of a popular 911 twoofer claim?


  20. thenakedemperor Says:

    I have long been suspicious of the local government here in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. I contacted them and asked specifically whether they had anything to do with the demolition of the bridge in California. They declined to comment, BUT DID NOT DENY IT!! And it has long been suspected that the are in league with the Illuminati, the moon landing fakers, Jews, terrorists, Republicans, the John Birch society, and break dancers.

    What more proof do you need?

    I sure hope Rosie gets this in before she leaves TV.

  21. Agent X Says:

    The name “Macarthur Maze” has 13 letters Element 13 is Aluminum, which has a melting point of 1,220F — half that of steel. Add heat from the now-illegal MTBE additive that was surely present in the tanker, and it’s a perfect match. That’s why CalTrans had to clean up the site so quickly.

    The implications are obvious — Albert Anastasia (who died shortly thereafter) replaced all of the steel at the freeway construction site with cheaper aluminum. Then he made an illicit fortune by selling it to a consortium led by the RAND corporation, the reverse-vampires, and Joseph McCarthy.

    The former Senator didn’t make it through the year…

  22. Doodle Bean Says:

    Naked Emp,

    What a good idea! I’ll call the city of Boston immediately to see if they are responsible!!!!

    Thanks for the tip!

  23. UnclePea Says:

    I was there. My long awaited boat trip began with a short drive to pick up my boating partner. At 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, I was less than two blocks from the site of the supposed explosion and “meltdown.” I saw nothing strange except helicopters.

    This is definitive proof that absolutely nothing occurred, and that this was staged in its entirety, thus the ease of darkness during daylight, and the lack of 429 widows.

    By 9:30 we were out on the water near the east end of the Bridge and STILL saw nothing unusual except helicopters.

    Usually when I’m out in the Bay in my canoe, I get hassled by the Coast Guard, especially near the Bridge. They see human-powered craft as inherently suspicious. Sunday NOT ONE WORD of reproach from the authorities, despite going right up to the “STAY BACK 25 YARDS” signs on the Bridge supports. This proves that the real reason that Nixon went to China was to undermine the international teething tribunal.

  24. Neo-Con Says:

    I beleive he is good friends with Hiro Nakamora.

  25. The truth about 4/29 the government doesn't want you to know - Noticias externas Says:

    […] favorite factoid: The only way Governor Schwarzenneger could have gotten to the scene in time was if he was already en route when the explosion occurred, proving that the explosion was no […]

  26. Erik Says:

    To the author of this blog: Your whole argument rests on a few digital photos you found online. And you’re lecturing others on how to find the truth? Don’t you think that’s a rather flimsy argument? You are simply pointing out that your wild theory is possible. Sure, anything is possible. Your concern should not be what is possible but what is probable. And in this regard we should follow the lead of science which has taught us that the simplest explanation is prefereable, e.g. Newton’s proposition that the motion of the planets is governed by a gravitational force inversely proportional to the square of distance from the Sun versus the Greek’s theory of planets hanging on dozens of overlapping celestial orbs. Time and time again experiment has confirmed the simple theories over the convoluted.

  27. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Did Arnold know?, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  28. 4/ » Blog Archive » Chinese Agents target Bay Bridge, Crab Markets Panic Says:

    […] Meanwhile, the asians who dominate the San Francisco seafood markets are raking in the yuan after Arnold Schwarzenegger cancels crab season in a move that can’t help reminding us of the jews who were caught short-selling airline stocks before 9/11. We know that 4,000 jews were not on the Bay Bridge when their Chinese proxies rammed it. And once again we ask: did Arnold know? […]

  29. 4/ » Blog Archive » 4/29 Anniversary: Never Forget Says:

    […] Indisputable scientific evidence recorded even as the incident unfolded raised perverse and often baffling questions. How did a bridge composed of incombustible cement and hardened steel collapse after being burned at just 800˚C? Why did “no sign of the truck remain at the scene”? Why would the bridge have fallen directly into its footprint, exactly as if it was demolished? Why were 4,000 Jews suspiciously absent from that overpass at 3:45 a.m? How could the collapse take 17 minutes when the fire department only arrived in ten? How did the driver of the truck escape unharmed and why does he not remember any of it? How was the governor able to fly 78 miles in under an hour? […]

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