Welcome, New Truth Seekers

I’d like to take this moment to welcome our new readers. 429truth.com hasn’t been up for very long, but already the response from skeptics and truth seekers is amazing. Most people seem to recognize that even if some of the details remain cloudy there are many, many problems with the “official story” which cannot be recently explained.

Special thanks are due to the informers who have come forward to provide valuable details not previously known.

I’ll close with the fortune I received at lunch. I’m not implying that the Chinese government had anything to do with this strike (although increased Chinese demand for high-quality steel and resulting scarcity has already been blamed for repair delays) but many signs from the very large to the very small are pointing to something still hidden but far larger than any of us might suspect.

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  1. Driving at the Truth Says:

    A significant fact that the media is not reporting is that there were no Jews on the overpass on that fiery morning. Coincedence or compelling evidence of Mossad involvement? The Israel intelligence agency has a long history of causing stop and go traffic as a way to boost oil consumption which will drain their Arab neighbors’ oil supplies more quickly. I’m not implying anything, just asking the important questions.

  2. "Malorie Flame" Says:

    My sources indicate that this was a false flag operation conducted by rogue elements within the CIA who dropped thermite impregnated cigarette butts along the retaining walls over the last five years.

    The gasoline tanker driver was spotted at the Cuban embassy in Mexico, but claims to have been in Orinda at the time.

  3. Mathew Fisher Says:

    Notice the lack of official explanation regarding the strange fact that Highway “7” is inexplicably unharmed until well after the other highways fell.

  4. They'll Punish Me For This Says:

    You do have to ask yourself one question? Who benefits from this disaster? CALTRANS and it’s contractors! Isn’t it INTERESTING that the demolition equipment was available to start work on the same day … A SUNDAY??? Ever tried to get a pothole fixed in the Bay Area? Yeah, I think you know where I’m going with this…

  5. Dan Collins Says:

    thermite impregnated cigarette butts

    Thermites eat wood, you nincompoop.

  6. mr bob Says:

    I would just like to point out that on Thrusday 26th here in Houston, TX we had a truck crash and fire on one of our freeways. The truck was carrying a mixture of gasoline and diesel fuel. I find it strange that these two events happened so close together.

    These could be test runs. Would not surprise me at all.

    Here are links to the story and video.


  7. L1F3 Says:

    TERMITES eat wood Collins, THERMITE will burn through your engine block in less than 30sec . . .

  8. Gary Ogletree Says:

    I’m ready to bet $2.00 that a white heterosexual male conspiracy is behind all of this. Any takers?

  9. Dan Collins Says:

    Who died and made you the freaking Orkin Man, man? Can “THERMITES” impregnate a CIGARETTE BUTT?

  10. "Malorie Flame" Says:

    Impregnate doesn’t mean what you think it means in this context Dancompoop.

    It means: 2 (usu. be impregnated with) soak or saturate (something) with a substance

  11. xpose the lies Says:

    Nice try at trying to ridicule the truth movement, theocon. You reich wingers sure make yourselfs look dumb when you think you can make jokes and laugh at the truth, because no matter how much you laugh the evidence all points towards that same truth. You probably liked pokemon when you were a kid. I feel sorry for you.

    The theory that Bushco simulated an accident on the bridge is just too ridiculous. I mean, what possible reason would he have to do that? To go to war with sea-lions? The fact that you have to make up such implausible scenarios to ridicule the truth movement just shows how right the movement is.

    Read. Learn. Investigate. Question.

    xpose the lies

  12. Dan Collins Says:

    No, butts doesn’t mean what YOU think it means, Marjorie Lame. And how can you soak or saturate something without a substance, huh, Arifugginstotle?

  13. JN Says:

    @ mr bob: That happened THRUSDAY? Were THREMITES found at the scene?

  14. octavius Says:

    Fortune Cookies were invented in Downtown Los Angeles, and are an American Tradition. That is a historic Fact.

  15. Bill D. Cat Says:

    The first image the bastards printed of this , clearly showed the that cartoon space invader looking thingy hanging under the bridge . Where is he now ? …

  16. "Malorie Flame" Says:

    Dan Collins is the perpetrator of this heinous attack. His posts here are merely to throw us off the scent.


  17. Bill D. Cat Says:

    Ms. Flame ,
    The longer I’ve studied these kinds of incidents , the more I’m convinced Ed Asner is the mastermind behind all of them . Collins may be smart …… not that smart .

  18. Thoreau Says:

    Isn’t it strange that there were so few Jews on the road that morning? And Asians? And Hispanics? In fact, there weren’t even that many whites or blacks on the road that morning.

    It’s almost as if THEY ALL KNEW SOMETHING!!!

    Besides, if the authorities have nothing to hide, then why are they diverting traffic around the site of the “accident”? Why not let the public come up and see it?

  19. furriskey Says:

    The hole in the road surface inside the letter “h” is clearly either a missile strike or a Shaped Charge penetration. If the Shaped Charge were installed beneath the truck that would explain the collapse and would avoid the possibility of the missile trail being tracked.
    There are too many similarities between this event and the discredited “airliner into the Pentagon” scam for this to be a coincidence.

  20. Dan Collins Says:

    You misunderestimate the obvious, Marshmalorie! The Donald set this up to make Rosie O’Donnell look like a fool!

  21. Bldg 7 Says:

    Speaking of wood, Rosie O’Donnell does not give me any.

  22. Truthiness Says:

    For what it’s worth, there’s footage in the following YouTube video taken of I-80 4 hours before the accident. In it, you can clearly see a military truck driving towards the maze!

  23. Jorge Arbusto Says:

    They have struck again!

    Tractor-Trailer Plunge Closes Part Of N.Y. Thruway

  24. J. J. Angleton Says:

    Good God, man! How dare you risk speaking of the Rosie O’Donnell conspiracy?!? Don’t you know there are lives at stake!

  25. Bill D. Cat Says:

    One word Ms. Flame ,
    ” The Manatee ” , consult your sources . Break the code .

  26. theres.a.seeker.born.every.minute Says:

    People, people we can spend all day arguing over who impregnated who, but its not going to get us closer to the truth. Its time to put aside our petty differences and come to consensus over the “fact” that the Fortune Cookie “Interests” in league with “China” and the “Orkin Man” and “Wreckless Ex-cons” (who can’t get any but the most boring, hottest, smelliest, lowest paid jobs) Are “clearly” the dupes of Exxon! Don’t you get it? “Ex-con” – “Exxon”? Do I need to spell it out?! Fiery fireball, Traffic Hell = Cha-Ching! The next thing you know is that the gas companies will want to transport gas to gas stations via some sort of pipe, and we all know who’s gonna pay for that when gas reaches $20/gallon.

    Also, Arnie’s wife, Maria… she can bend space and time.

  27. Steve Says:

    Oh my God! This explains everything!! Oh, my God!

  28. C0nsp1r4cym4n Says:

    Thermites. Are those the ones that hang from the tops of caves? Or are those Thermtites?

  29. James Lick Says:

    Newsgator Online is also in on the conspiracy to suppress the 429truth.com web site. They will not allow the 429truth.com RSS feed be subscribed to using their service, giving the message: “Error: Subscription could not be added. Please check the URL and try again.” Here is a screenshot of what happened when I tried to subscribe:


    This is yet another indication of just how much the government is controlling which sites the multinational corporations will allow us to access.

  30. CraigC Says:

    Ha, “Malorie Flame,” if that is in fact your name. Everybody knows that THERE ARE NO MEXICANS IN ORINDA. None that live there, anyway. And that this is nowhere. So much for your little theory.

  31. killbam Says:

    There was actually a feasibility report on defending against a car or bus full of gas hitting a similar column in a San Francisco Chronicle News article two years ago in February. It’s source was a secret memo between the SF mayor, and the Governor.

    Interestingly enough, the article was taken down just 3 and a half hours after the attacks.

  32. Manue Says:

    Seriously, maybe the overpass was just not built the way it was supposed to be built; we have a public commission right now about a falling overpass; see: http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/story.html?id=77249d85-25b6-417f-ad75-e08a0db961fa&k=82509 or google (news) “Concorde Overpass”
    The ing. who was supposed to check that all was done by the rules, well, he didn’t check; he trusted the builders.

    “Engineers can’t recall who okayed overpass reinforcing
    The Gazette
    Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    Under intense grilling, the engineers in charge of building the Laval overpass that collapsed in September could not recall today who approved faulty installation of steel reinforcing.

    Incorrect placing of the bars has been cited as a main cause of the collapse Sept. 30 that killed five people.

    Neither witness could remember who, if anyone, would have inspected the reinforcing and casing and authorized the pouring of concrete.”

  33. Slartibartfast Says:

    Well, then…Mission Accomplished!

  34. Mihop Holmes Says:

    Note that the Florida tanker fire burned through the concrete … but left the steel intact.

    The conclusion from this trial run? Obviously, that more potent explosives were needed to destroy steel.

  35. GF Says:

    Do we know if there are any Chinese Jews? To put it another way, can we know for sure that there aren’t? Is that what so many New York Jews are doing in Chinese restaurants on Christmas? Meeting their allies, and plotting? I’m not making any accusations here, just … asking … questions.

  36. Hankmeister Says:

    It has to be Halliburton and the Jooooooooos! And don’t bother with going to the Popular Mechanics online site which attempted to debunk the 9/11 Truthers, they’re bought and paid for by the Bu$Hitler/Cheney/Halliburton/Exxon cabal.

    Oh, oh, I think I hear the black helicopters coming … where’s my tinfoil hat!

  37. VOICES! IN MY HEAD! Says:

    The Donald needed a freeway disaster to make Rosie look like a fool? Sorta like dive bombing a herd of sheep to insure their compliant nature…

  38. CHF Says:

    I hear that this “accident” will be blamed on Kenya to allow the government to invade Azerbaijan (following the pattern of blaming 9/11 on Saudis to allow for an attack on Iraq)

  39. Name Withheld By Request Says:

    CNN is reporting that the driver cleared an FBI background check despite a long criminal history. This can only mean that the conspiracy involves operatives who have penetrated even the highest levels of U.S. law enforcement.


  40. stomper Says:

    cigarettes are sterile. a whole hive of thermites horned up with spanish flies ain’t never gonna impregnate a cigarette. especially through the butt.

    dan is innocent

  41. One Happy Claude Says:

    It was the FRENCH, I tell you! Those f@$*ing nincompoops can’t run a country or a business, but they’re great at sabotaging others.

    As further proof, I point out how many people are convinced it was the jews. Don’t you see? The French hate the Jews! So they’re throwing suspicion their way, so that no one sees the truth. Don’t let their nefarious plot succeed. Eat freedom fries!

  42. B Says:




  43. Jakeleg Says:

    I’m working on an animated reconstruction that will conclusively prove that the so-called bridge and the co-called accident were actually filmed on a soundstage on the moon.

    The History Channel has already contacted me for the sole broadcasting rights.

  44. Dan Collins Says:

    Get Leonard Nimoy to do the voiceover, if he’s still alive.

  45. m Says:

    “Most people seem to recognize that even if some of the details remain cloudy there are many, many problems with the “official story” which cannot be recently explained.”

    I can’t remember where I read that, but I put it on my “conspiracy clipboard” at the time, and it’s out there. (You can google it probably.) And that’s right that there are many, many problems with the “official story” which cannot be *recently” explained; but that’s *after* the smokescreen. They could have been explained *before.* Shades of 1984, disinformation, all that.

  46. Bill D. Cat Says:

    Ed Asner used to be the control for Chuck Barris …… and Billy Barty .

  47. Unindicted Co-conspirator Says:

    What’s wrong with you, Dancanpoop?
    Leonard Nimoy is a Jew!
    So is William Shatner, even worse, he’s a Canadian one.

    That it wasn’t a tanker that burned, it was an alien spaceship being operated by the Jewish cabal that runs Area 51, that crashed into the freeway. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is the current leader of the cabal. The cabal hires only illegal aliens from Mexico to drive their decoy vehicles. Area 51 is where the spaceship originated. They have a secret hypersonic underground train that runs from Nevada to Israel, with a station in Crown Heights, Brooklyn!
    Why do you think that Las Vegas was owned by the Jewish members of the Mob?
    So that they could operate Area 51 without any suspicions!

  48. Dan Collins Says:


    Nimoy reads aloud whatever you put in front of him; he can’t help it at this stage. The fact that he’s a Jew will only lend credence to the expose.

  49. jay Says:

    NO you have it all wrong it was an alien spacecraft that crashed into the highway. The truck was just a cover.

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