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The Weslaco Connection

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

The primary witness to the 4/29 “accident” is Isaac Rodriguez, a supervisor at the EBMUD sewage plant adjacent to the freeway. As he told the SF Chronicle:

“I saw movement, and there was a man up there. I started talking to the guy. ‘Are you the truck driver?’ ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m burned. I got out as soon as I could.'”

Rodriguez is quoted: “It looked like a big slab of plastic because it was melted.”

And further “Rodriguez said he regretted not thinking to send a vehicle up to get the injured man while he and a co-worker stood for some 40 minutes watching the freeway burn.”

Meanwhile the driver (a felon with multiple convictions) “wandered more than a mile through darkened streets in Oakland with second-degree burns to a gas station and hailed a cab to take him to the emergency room, according to police and the taxi driver.”

Lets try to make this add up:

* There is a giant explosion at 3:41 am.
* Across a hundred yards of darkness, through the noise of 8,600 gallons
of burning gasoline we talk to the driver who says “I’m burned”.
* Then we continue to watch the fire for 40 minutes, until 4:21 am, and
don’t attempt to help the driver.
* The driver meanwhile walks a mile and finds a cab at a gas station in
West Oakland.
* The cab driver briefly spoke to reporters then refused to identify himself.

Draw your own conclusions.

Careful examination of Government Records indicate that an Isaac Rodriguez was a donor to the RNC in 2003.

Rodriguez, Isaac Mr. (PEACE ON EARTH CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE/), (Zip code:

Weslaco is just five miles from the 2004 explosion in Neuvo Progreso that killed six people. As with 4/29, officials immediately denied terrorism — even though they were unable to explain the explosion.

“It’s not clear what it was that happened — but it was not a bomb,” said Rio Bravo City Council President Alvaro Cervantes.

Weslaco is also just 15 miles from Pharr, the home of Global Limo Inc. The owner of the bus in the Sept 23, 2005 explosion/fire that killed 23 and backed up Texas freeways for hours. This “accident” was called “one of the deadliest accidents in state history.”

The Tanker Menace

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Dr. Bill Wattenburg, an engineer and nuclear scientist, had predicted the possibility of tanker truck attacks on America’s freeways, and warned such terrorism could disrupt America’s economy. “For some reason,” writes commentator Gary Ater, “this issue has been ignored even more than has any substantial action on securing the U.S. ports and borders.”

The Port of Oakland — located just two miles from the crash site — is one of the four busiest container ports in America. And security planners have been warned about tanker truck attacks for years, ever since 9/11. Yet besides a few route restrictions and quick background checks, wide holes were left in the security procedures governing tanker trucks.

Is this simple negligence – or something more sinister?

“Attack on Camera” – Retraction

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Earlier today, posted an image claiming to have been taken from the Lawrence Hall of Science video feed. We that the image was a fabrication, a composite taken from archival nuclear bomb test photos. The source who provided us with this discredited photo has been removed and the author who published it here has been reprimanded.

Every investigation will inevitably encounter bad leads, wrong turns, and mistakes which are easy to see in hindsight. We admit our mistakes openly and in good faith to preserve our credibility, advance the truth, and emphasize above all else that this website is not a joke. The “accident” on 4/29 was real, the consequences are serious, and our concerns about the unexplained evidence, possible coverup, and ongoing censorship remain unanswered. We are *not* a cheap parody website like or who attempt to discredit the truth movement with mockery and unfunny parodies, undermining serious investigation and rational analysis while the people who attacked us on 4/29 are still at large.

Breaking News: Attack Captured on Camera

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Update: This content has been retracted, but is being kept here for archival purposes. Click here for the retraction.

The attack was captured by a government camera at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Government agents quickly took down the video and replaced it with an edited version, but not before our investigators snagged a copy.


Note the mushroom cloud indicating a sudden blast rather than the slowly increasing blaze characterizing an ordinary fire.

Truth to Power

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Response to our efforts continues to be overwhelming as thousands of truth-seekers flock to this place yearning to discover what *really* happened on 4/29. Further research has turned up startling new and troubling facts which cannot be easily dismissed or disproven:

Finally I must apologize to those who have written to me to say that this is “too soon”, that the widows of 4/29 (if and when they are eventually discovered) must be allowed the dignity to grieve before this “tragedy” is exposed for the sinister plot it is. Their compassion is understandable but I ask you: will the Evildoers say it is “too soon” to strike again? The gloves are off. We must speak truth to power before they attack again.