“Attack on Camera” – Retraction

Earlier today, 429truth.com posted an image claiming to have been taken from the Lawrence Hall of Science video feed. We that the image was a fabrication, a composite taken from archival nuclear bomb test photos. The source who provided us with this discredited photo has been removed and the author who published it here has been reprimanded.

Every investigation will inevitably encounter bad leads, wrong turns, and mistakes which are easy to see in hindsight. We admit our mistakes openly and in good faith to preserve our credibility, advance the truth, and emphasize above all else that this website is not a joke. The “accident” on 4/29 was real, the consequences are serious, and our concerns about the unexplained evidence, possible coverup, and ongoing censorship remain unanswered. We are *not* a cheap parody website like 429truth.org or ikeadid429.com who attempt to discredit the truth movement with mockery and unfunny parodies, undermining serious investigation and rational analysis while the people who attacked us on 4/29 are still at large.

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  1. Starchild Says:


  2. Mumblix Grumph Says:

    My cousin knows a guy who is married to the sister of a man who saw the truck supposedly involved in the 4/29 incident pull into a Stucky’s parking lot in Ohio at the time of the explosion.

    Explain THAT away!

  3. krazeeloon Says:

    why are you doing a retraction when the grey old lady doesn’t have to. I think the jooos got to you, or paid you off with diamonds stolen from al sharptam’s building. you know, this all may be retaliation by the joos for forcing imus off the air.

  4. levintofu Says:

    Hindsight is always backwards!!

  5. Christophe Says:

    Ryan Finnie has too much time on his hands

  6. Revealations 13:1 Says:

    Regardless of the authenticity of the single frame, it is very suspicious that the government has not produced the LHS video feed in order to confirm their assertions about the time of the “crash”. The fire should be clearly visible in the left of the frame and the position of the setting moon sufficient to establish the time of impact.

  7. JHoward Says:

    Retracting this comment is not — I repeat, not — going to fool me either. You government people reading.

  8. Hankmeister Says:

    I for one won’t be satisfied until the government produces verifiable frame-coded security video tape proving this wasn’t another one of its conspiracies. I mean, how many security cameras must have been grinding away in the area when this “accident” happened. Sheesh, we’re not morons you know.

  9. mw Says:

    Wait a minute. A retraction???? A f*cking retraction??? Who got to you? And who are you really?

  10. krazeeloon Says:

    levintofu Says: Hindsight is always backwards!!

    Very Profound… Deep, man, Deep “cough, cough”,, “dude, quit bogarting, let me have a drag.”

  11. Jacqueline Tourez Says:

    Retraction my ass! That whitewash has all the characteristics of a CIA disinformation operation! It’s short, it’s buried, and it’s a retraction! Wake up, people!

  12. Dan Collins Says:

    If you want to see what an actual “attack on camera” looks like, here’s one:

  13. Hankmeister Says:

    There is no need for a retraction. Clearly this photo is “fake but accurate.” Our progressive media is always saying that about those hard hitting stories they put about about RethugliKKKans. You know, Dan Rather’s fake but accurate Bush TANG memos revelation. It almost got us an election. There’s still a story here fellow truthers.


  14. Agent Jay Says:

    Agent Jay here. I am only willing to say this much: having access to the camera in question, I took it upon myself to preserve the TRUTH. I am the one who grabbed this frame from the video and did so knowing full well that (a) my supervisors would edit the video when they arrived at work that day and (b) if caught, I would face SEVERE discipline. What I never expected was that this site would bow to outside forces and DISCREDIT me and the picture. I can only say again that this picture is 100% TRUE. This site should rename itself 429SELLOUT.

    Semper Fi!!!

  15. Richard Says:

    Someone regularly (although not daily) posts the Lawrence webcam shots on Youtube. The Search URL is this:

    This is the URL of the 4/29 vid itself:

    The sun comes up about 30 seconds into it, and the screen is practically dead grey.

    The poster’s comment for the vid says this:

    Timelapse video taken from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA.

    Video taken on April 29, 2007

    Partialy sunny with fog and clouds. Unfortunatly because of the fog, the gigantic fireball from the accident at the Macarthur Maze is not visible.
    http://sfgate.com/cgi- bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2007/04/30/MNGK8PI1CI1.DTL

    The Lawrence Hall of Science website:

    I am glad you had the cojones to recant the faked frame when you found out about it.

  16. Neo-Con Says:

    Message removed by moderator.

    Neo-Cons have no place telling the truth here.

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