The Tanker Menace

Dr. Bill Wattenburg, an engineer and nuclear scientist, had predicted the possibility of tanker truck attacks on America’s freeways, and warned such terrorism could disrupt America’s economy. “For some reason,” writes commentator Gary Ater, “this issue has been ignored even more than has any substantial action on securing the U.S. ports and borders.”

The Port of Oakland — located just two miles from the crash site — is one of the four busiest container ports in America. And security planners have been warned about tanker truck attacks for years, ever since 9/11. Yet besides a few route restrictions and quick background checks, wide holes were left in the security procedures governing tanker trucks.

Is this simple negligence – or something more sinister?

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  1. krazeeloon Says:

    You know what, I think it might actually be terrorists. The neocons are hiding it all from the people. I think Bush and Cheney are keeping all that homeland security money for themselves leaving the country wide open to terrorism. they are probably planning on taking over that world bank with wolfowich since that is where everyone’s money is. they than plan to use it to control the earth from their secret moon base just like Reverand Farakam said. that is where they have their secret weather machine that produced hurricane katrina while dickkk blew up the levy’s in his rowboat. that forced out all those liberals from new orleans. they are building their super secret moon elevator in new orleans and they don’t want anyone to see it.

  2. krazeeloon's psychiatrist Says:

    I already told you to go home and take your meds krazeeloon. Everyone knows there really isn’t a war on terrorism. The entire iraq war and 911 was all fake, they used holograms. The right wing mainstream media are willing accomplices spreading the right wing myth of a war on terror. While the world sits on pins and needles waiting for Ahmadinejad to nuke somebody, Him and Bush are secretly sitting in the hot tub in Crawford drinking margaritas, sniffing glue and having titty twister contests, all while their buddy Vlad (pooty poot) Putin is raking in the oil profits.

  3. Pete Says:

    I suspect that it’s really more of a practical matter than any sinister plot.

    Tanker trucks are necessary for moving fuel and other liquids and gases around. There’s simply no other way to get gasoline to gas stations, propane to homes, and so forth.

    In urban areas, elevated freeways and ramps are common, and there’s no practical way to bypass them simply for tanker trucks.

    Around here, tanker trucks are more common than UPS vans. Restricting them heavily would not be feasible.

    The amount of damage that could be caused by a burning tanker truck is pretty limited. Even if one were to be ignited on the Golden Gate Bridge, the worst that could happen would be one or two sections collapsing. The bridge itself would likely be unharmed.

    Somehow, I suspect that some minor property damage to a bridge or overpass is not quite the type of result that terrorists wish to create. They’re looking to /terrorize/ people, not burn down an overpass or two.

  4. krazeeloon Says:

    oh yeah, and little green men don’t come and visit us at night, right? you live your life way too much in reality to be of any use to the rest of us.

  5. Hankmeister Says:

    You mean Muslims hate people enough to kill them? Another reich-wing fascist LIE! As the progressive, fair and balanced media keeps telling us, Islam is a religion of peace. If KKKhristians hadn’t invaded Muslim lands and firebombed the hell out of innocent civilians in Mecca back in the Seventh Century, Muslims would have never had to pre-emptively invade the Holy Lands, Spain and the rest of Southern Europe to create a buffer zone against the maurading KKKhristian hordes. And we all know it was the Joooooooos who put the KKKhristians up to this in the first place.

  6. maybe Says:

    Did anyone see this article today. Apparently the accident with the tanker truck on Highway 1 was caused by someone who tampered with the tires lug nuts:

  7. krazeeloon Says:

    Hankmeister, you are starting to sound like my psychiatrist throwing all these fakkkts around. When will you grow up and realize the world is all magic and make believe. If you want to live in reality, go play second life. Or better yet, go play the new game within second life called third life.. now that is real.

  8. Neo Says:

    Maybe you all should have taken the red pill. This is getting to much notice. The people in Zion are fearing you may lead Mr. Smith to them.

  9. Jacqueline Tourez Says:

    Tanker company implicated in Hollywood connection

    From :

    “Sabek Transportation, Inc. has no own website… The *conspiracy* finally thickens…. A secretive military- or defense contractor for HazMat instead?… The name furthermore triggers associations with a Saudi oil company of the same name… During 2000, “SF Sabek”, if it is the same company, was possibly aquired by AutoNation, Inc. (Steven B. Kalafer)… Interestingly here we find yet another “Hollywood connection”: The plausible new owner of ‘Sabek’ produced also the movie “Night Train to Kathmandu”… What kind of “petroleum” was really in the tank?”

    Steven B. Kalafer produced a movie called “Dropping Out” starring Adam Arkin, John Stamos, Katey Sagal , and Fred Willard. In Hollywood. Hollywood is where Arnold Schwarzenegger is from.


    Google it people.




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