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The Weslaco Connection

The primary witness to the 4/29 “accident” is Isaac Rodriguez, a supervisor at the EBMUD sewage plant adjacent to the freeway. As he told the SF Chronicle:

“I saw movement, and there was a man up there. I started talking to the guy. ‘Are you the truck driver?’ ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m burned. I got out as soon as I could.'”

Rodriguez is quoted: “It looked like a big slab of plastic because it was melted.”

And further “Rodriguez said he regretted not thinking to send a vehicle up to get the injured man while he and a co-worker stood for some 40 minutes watching the freeway burn.”

Meanwhile the driver (a felon with multiple convictions) “wandered more than a mile through darkened streets in Oakland with second-degree burns to a gas station and hailed a cab to take him to the emergency room, according to police and the taxi driver.”

Lets try to make this add up:

* There is a giant explosion at 3:41 am.
* Across a hundred yards of darkness, through the noise of 8,600 gallons
of burning gasoline we talk to the driver who says “I’m burned”.
* Then we continue to watch the fire for 40 minutes, until 4:21 am, and
don’t attempt to help the driver.
* The driver meanwhile walks a mile and finds a cab at a gas station in
West Oakland.
* The cab driver briefly spoke to reporters then refused to identify himself.

Draw your own conclusions.

Careful examination of Government Records indicate that an Isaac Rodriguez was a donor to the RNC in 2003.

Rodriguez, Isaac Mr. (PEACE ON EARTH CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE/), (Zip code:

Weslaco is just five miles from the 2004 explosion in Neuvo Progreso that killed six people. As with 4/29, officials immediately denied terrorism — even though they were unable to explain the explosion.

“It’s not clear what it was that happened — but it was not a bomb,” said Rio Bravo City Council President Alvaro Cervantes.

Weslaco is also just 15 miles from Pharr, the home of Global Limo Inc. The owner of the bus in the Sept 23, 2005 explosion/fire that killed 23 and backed up Texas freeways for hours. This “accident” was called “one of the deadliest accidents in state history.”

15 Responses to “The Weslaco Connection”

  1. Hankmeister Says:

    I just knew the reich-wing KKKhristian militias had to be in on this thinly-veiled government attempt to discredit the 9/11 Truthers. And now one of their members is implicated in this conspiracy against the American people. What arrogance. WE MUST CONTINUE SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER!

  2. YrMstHmbl&ObtSvt&c&c Says:

    Is it necessary to point out that none of the Jews used that particular on-ramp on that particular morning?

  3. ewing2001 Says:

    ExoW Conspiracy goes ‘Hangout’?
    Bay Area Freeway “melts” 9/11 Joneslings vs. pro exoW supporters

  4. Mr.Hengist Says:

    Golly, Mr. “Alvaro Cervantes” the “Rio Bravo City Council President” seemed awfully quick to rule out a bomb, huh? Conclusion first – “investigation” later, right? Not that Congress would dare expose a Rovian plot anyway. So shouldn’t we assume he’s lying since he works for the government? I’ll bet he gets his marching orders directly from Chimpy McBushitler Torturepants. The TRUTH is out there, sheeple!

  5. mrf Says:

    I have to say, keep up the good work! The truth cannot be stopped. It is UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

  6. Hankmeister Says:

    Also we progressives must keep in mind this TRUTH (whatever that may be from day to day): the media is extremely reich-wing despite the occasional truther like Dan Rather. Rupert Murdock owns all the media through secret backroom deals. KKKonservative ownership of media means kkkonservative news.

    Thank Gaia that George Soros and his billions came along to bankroll fellow progressives and Truthers so that we can keep getting our truthiness out to the Amerikan sheeple.

  7. Gary Ogletree Says:

    Does pineapple grow in the Phillipines? Believe it or not, some people are not taking this lastest operation seriously. The whole thing is a smear against the Reconquista movement. That guy who was burned (now a very rich man) was not the real driver. An unidentified NASCAR driver did the hit on that ramp. Fortunately, Channel 54 News of Fremont was supposed to be there immediately after the “accident” to expose the “Reconquista plot against California” with lots of graphics, but they got caught in a traffic jam in Jackson Heights. Or, so I’m told. Wheels within wheels and bones connected to bones. It’s all there if you care enough to find it.

  8. Aaron Williams Says:

    I’d love to investigate, but I hear all of the steel was shipped overseas for scrap.

  9. Phil r Says:

    This stuff is NOT humorous. We need to get together with the 9-11 Truthers if we’re going to stop the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Shriners, and “the-you-know-whos-that-rhymes-with-“news”. Fire has never melted steel; Google it. Gulf of Tonkin; Little Bighorn; Dallas; New Orleans; Google ’em. Regular water has never washed away levees; Yahoo it.

  10. Fritz Says:

    Remember thatn GGB incident with the tanker truck losing its wheel? Some people are claiming tampering!

  11. joe Says:

    you seem like you know quite a bit about this… and you managed to get this website up rather quickly… are YOU involved in this terrorist conspracy?

  12. Aaron Williams Says:

    Seriously, infiltration’s the oldest trick in the book. We need to be careful, COINTELPRO has a strong track record of penetrating even the most paranoid organizations. We need to redouble our efforts to root out any provocateurs, spooks or otherwise. The last thing we need is Jim Fetzer distracting us with Space Lazers. We have serious detective work to do.

  13. Mr.Hengist Says:

    Soooo, “Aaron Williams”, (if that really is your name), you say this might be a “false flag Op”??? Well, like we used to say in grade school: “He who smelt it, dealt it!!!” Maybe you’re just trying to make us all suspicious of each other so we’ll be too busy questioning each other’s credibility and distracting us from the TRUTH!!! No way we’ll fall for that old trick, and you can report THAT to your neocon masters!!!!!!!!

  14. trai_dep Says:

    Gods PLEASE, whatever happens, don’t let Boston police anywhere near the Bay Area, no matter how convincing their promises of aid. We have too many buildings with flashing lights and bright colors – the Boston authorities will blow them all up!

  15. Fredric L. Rice Says:

    > ‘Are you the truck driver?’ ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m
    > burned. I got out as soon as I could.’”

    What obvious bullshit. Thermite was used to bring down the bridge — everyone knows that by now. This CIA Zionist operative wants sheeple to believe that he was burned by thermite and survived. Outrageous!

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