The Secret Second Crash

An almost identical tanker truck crashed, exploded, and destroyed a freeway ramp in downtown Houston, within 48 hours of the Bay Area crash.

Texas Freeway Tanker Explosion

Could the exact same thing happen twice, by accident, within just two days?

Maybe it was a test run. Or a coordinated plot to disrupt interstate commerce. If so, it certainly accomplished (yet again?) its goal of disrupting commercial ground transportation.

What’s more amazing is this entirely unexplained “coincidence” has gone virtually unreported by the mainstream media. All the pieces are there, but they’ll apparently only be put together by a coalition of the net roots. Take back your right to be informed — about safety, about homeland security, and especially about your government.

And for those of you who are still skeptical that the government is involved in these crashes…

This second crash occurred just three hours from Crawford, Texas.

14 Responses to “The Secret Second Crash”

  1. UJ Says:

    Yeah, uh, make that 3.

  2. dsfarg Says:

    What does proximity to the ranch of the President have to do with proving government involvement? Also, OH LAWD, WHAT WILL WE EVER DO SINCE THERE’S TWO LESS FREEWAY RAMPS THAN THERE WERE BEFORE?!

  3. Hankmeister Says:

    I see KKKarl Rove’s and the neo-cons’ fingerprints all over this one.

  4. William O'Reily Says:

    Heh, here’s a third:

  5. tommyill Says:

    Only one question remains… Planted demolitions, or inside missile attack?

  6. TruthTeller Says:

    And what firm’s headquarters are located just across the bay in San Francisco? BECHTEL! – Construction company of choice for the JEW ILLUMINATI! Tool of the Carlyle Group!!! Chimpy McHitlerburton and his new world order cronies are making milllions, no, BILLIONS off of these kinds of “accidents.”


  7. Mumblix Grumph Says:


    3-The Holy Trinity.
    18-Legal voting age.
    1-Is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.
    23-Lousy Jim Carrey Movie
    6-A third of the Beast.
    15-3 times 5. 5 sides to the PENTAGON!
    18-Legal voting age…AGAIN!
    4-A cry of warning in Golf. (A game favored by rich money men [Jews]).

    For God’s sake people…do I have to draw you a map? The signs are there!

  8. krazeeloon Says:

    Holy smoking bridges, I see it now. Check this out

    This is a secret war the JEEEWWWS are carrying out trying to get those two kidnapped soldiers released from the peace loving muslims of palestine. It’s a tangled web the Jews weave while they secretly try to dominate the world.

  9. Zippy Says:

    Hey! I’m Jewish…..shouldn’t I be making some serious ducats from this whole conspiracy thing? Oh, wait, I am one of those ‘poor Jews’ the other conspirators need around so they can point to me and say “See, we’re not all wealthy!” while they plot the overthrow of the world economy. Doh! I forgot that part…….never mind.

  10. Mark the Shark Says:

    Clearly, the vast conspiracy used the sleepy Southern town of Birmingham, AL as a rehearsal ground. In two “accidents” on January 5, 2002 ( ) and October 21, 2004 ( ) overpasses were destroyed by tanker truck fires. In the first case the government must have known about and prepared for the “accident” because the bridge was replaced in record time. The replacement bridge opened in late February, 53 days after the “accident.”

    Perhaps if they hadn’t been so careless as to use the same interchange for their rehearsal twice, the conspiracy would still be veiled. Surely they thought the rednecks in this non-media center wouldn’t see through their web of deceit.

    Way to go 429truth! Blow this cover-up wide open! Restore our freedom from tyrany!

  11. Hankmeister Says:

    It’s the Joooooooooooos!

    Sick Distemper Tyranosaurus Rex!

    “We might say that psychoanalysis revealed to us the complex penalties of denying the truth of man’s condition, what we might call the costs of pretending not to be mad.” ~ Ernest Becker

  12. krazeeloon Says:

    i just read a book implicating the joooooooos trying to take over the world. it seem the jews planted spies in the palestenian homeland about five thousand years ago, all in an attempt to take over the area. well, they partially succeeded in 1949. The book also said they planted zionist spies all over the middle east after the romans invaded and destroyed their “temple”.. yeah right, there was never a temple. the jewish spies then gathered all their intel in an attempt to take over palestine. as soon as this attempt “temporarily” succeeded they moved to the new Israel to help them take over the world. there are a few zionist spies ramaining in the peacful muslim countries still gathering intel for when the jews take over the world. I haven’t gotten to the part where they started ww2 and in a fake out move killed themselves by the millions in gas chambers.

  13. Here’s yet ANOTHER ONE! Says:

    A tanker truck hauling diesel fuel mysteriously caroms off the highway and explodes NEAR a busy downtown area! The similarities are striking!
    1) A truck
    2) Carries flammable liquids (what are the odds of that?)
    3) Explodes and damages an overpass!

    Could this be the precursor of a huge and terrifying attack on our nation’s infrastructure? The Overpass BTW is VITAL to a major sports complex!

    You do the math!

    The Odd Emperor

  14. Barry Says:

    The one thing most people either don’t know or at least over look, is the fact that roadway bridge sections are not bolted into place. He support beams are
    allowed to ” float” on large bronze bearing plates. Go out and stand on a large bridge section while several large trucks are passing by. The dramatic movement which you experience should explain it much better than I. This is why a roadway section will fall quite easily.

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