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WebSense caves to 429truth pressure

Good news to truth-seekers, censorship opponents, and free speech advocates everywhere. WebSense, which formerly censored, has reportedly caved to immense popular pressure and shut down the filtering of

From: "PT"
Date: May 3, 2007 1:07:34 AM PDT
Subject: websense 429 censorship

I'm a student at Brunel University in London, England and have to suffer under the idiosyncrasies of the websense categorisation and filtering system. Because access to blocked sites is sometimes required for academic reasons we have a feedback system where we can report sites we believe have been wrongly categorised or to which we desire access to our central computer team for assessment. As soon as I saw the story about on boingboing I checked and it was indeed classified as "sex" by websense, which is a restricted category for users at Brunel. This does not totally bock content, but instead provides irritating warning pages every time you access something which often breaks a website or causes it to display improperly because from what I can work out the cgi script that generates the warning page and inserts it before allowing you to proceed fails to pass things like form data, referring page info and so on.

I reported this as a categorisation error to the computer centre and I've just received an e-mail confirming that they agree there is no sexual content and have forwarded this to websense for review. As of 9am BST no longer appears to be blocked. This could just be for users here at Brunel and I'm unable to check independently. Perhaps you could ask your readers to see if this was a global category change or just an exception inserted for Brunel users?

Keep up the good work!

Many thanks


This is a major victory and truly a great day for free speech and liberty around the world.

2 Responses to “WebSense caves to 429truth pressure”

  1. trai_dep Says:

    Sure. They SAY they’re innocent, milk-breathed, willowy Uni students who happen upon the greatest disaster facing Oakland since WWII. But HOW did WebSense – top-notch technology protecting us from corruption* and European decay – flag 429truth? As SEX. Websense is never wrong**, ipso facto***, Brunel University must be a haven for porn. Or they don’t have enough porn, and they need to troll across the Atlantic for theirs. Unlike US Uni students, who umm… Umm… Well, that’s not the point. The point is they were searching for PORN. And ran across the calamity that is 429.

    But hey, they found 429truth, and (after successfully finding porn, I’d wager) they’re well rested, if a bit out of breath. So their minds are enlightened, their keyboard probably needs cleaning and a hearty “Welcome” to our cousins from yonder.

    PS: I thought the whole *point* of British public schools was to exhaust themselves so by the time they hit university, they were sated and ready to focus on non-porn pursuits. What happened?!

    * cuz they say so
    ** ibid
    *** “ibid” *and* “ipso facto”? Suck on THAT, funny-accented progenitors of the English language!

  2. krazeeloon Says:

    go go go trai_dep Says

    I have no idea what you are trying to tell us, but I’m sure it is true.

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