429truth responds to the Oakland Tribune

Today the Oakland Tribune slammed 429truth.com. In addition to confusing this site with 429truth.org it made numerous false statements and unfair generalizations in an attempt to discredit our organization and paint its members as paranoid fools. They highlighted our most frivolous statements while ignoring the most convincing and deeply damning gathered so far. We would like to clarify their distortions and set the record straight.

Although the Oakland Tribune and others may enjoy laughing at or ridiculing our work we will not be swayed. Unlike other websites we are serious – deadly serious – and we will not be cowed into submission by our enemies, the anti-intellectuals who are more interested in kowtowing to the “official explanation” than seeking the truth. We will not be intimidated or silenced.

7 Responses to “429truth responds to the Oakland Tribune”

  1. radtec Says:

    ‘No sign of the truck remains at the scene. One Caltrans worker there early this morning held up his thumb and forefinger an inch apart to describe how big the tanker is now. ‘

    What this means is that the scene was cleared, and that what was left at the time the Caltran worker was there was nothing more than a ‘pancake’ of a truck. It does NOT mean there was never…a vehicle there.

    Man..you people need to get a grip on your paranoia!

  2. googleitpeople Says:

    4+2+9 == 14 == number of letters in “Oakland Tribune” if you include the space. Google it!

    RAD-TEC == “Radical Technology” == superstealth bombing machines designed by gay Swedish zionist haxx0rs (aka “The Cowboys”) to disrupt our way of life. Outed, punk! Back to the spa for you, and I hope the steam frazzles your circuit boards!

    Bless you, 429truth.com, for courageously standing up to this onslaught from the MSM lackeys and their vile, twisted allies such as RADTEC. It’s only going to get crazier, bro. The sheeple are going to beg to be soylent greenified before this is all over!

  3. 9/11 scholar Says:

    thank you for your couragious research on the matter of what really happened on 4/29. i am a member of the 9/11 scholars for tryth and justice, and i urge you to go public with your findings. we Know about the squibs. we Know and the watches and clocks. we Know that bush invaded iraq. if you can get your hands on any of the metal from 4/29 PLEASE send it to dr. jones for unbiased scientific testing – so that he can indenify thermite residue. we’re just asking question…

  4. Hankmeister Says:

    Well at least someone is wearing their tinfoil hats at the Oakland Tribune. I mean, if this is a parody site I’m out of here.

    If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mr. Brave man, I guess I’m a coward. — Jack Handy

  5. frizzled Says:

    JEWS DID I-80!!!!

  6. 4/29truth.com » Blog Archive » LA Times on 429truth Says:

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  7. CaptEric Says:

    You had me believing all of what you had to say until I got to the part that said “400 jews”…etc.
    You Prejudicially biased asshole!
    As if a religious group of people here in the US could or would have anything to do with foreign terrorists. Especially that group who’s relatives in Israel have been themselves the number one target for terrorism in the world. What the hell are you thinking?
    You’d have a lot more level-headed people on your side without including crap like that. Is 429truth the proper place for you to be taking potshots at religious groups? Should we point out how many arab people of various faiths died at the hands of Christian crusaders for no damn good reason? Or maybe the results of Pograms in Russia and The Inquisition in Spain? Then I could just about guess that you side with the ideals of Hitler, as well.
    Stick to the topic, you’ll do a lot better.

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