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XKCD slams 429truth

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

XKCD joins sides with the COINTELPRO truth-suppression program with their latest comic mocking true patriots everywhere. cannot help but notice that they published their comic at 4:29 AM exactly. COINCIDENCE?

What did the NSA know and when did they know it?

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

429truth-911-call.mp3Newly-released recordings of eyewitnesses to Saturday’s “crash” add a puzzling new dimension and raise numerous questions for those pushing the official 4/29 “lone truck driver” theory.

Caller: *inaudible* blowing up right now on the side of the freeway
911: Stop screaming, tell me what is blowing up.
Caller: A giant buil… we can’t even see… all we see is… we hear a bunch of blowing up buildings…
911: OK, OK, calm down, where is this at?
Caller: It’s on, um, oh my god, we exited Market from 880 North. It’s Oakland. OK, OK, Oh my god!
911: Ma’am, stop for one second. OK, it’s in the city of Oakland on Market?
Caller: Off Market. We are on Park Avenue, we’re looking across the freeway, it’s on the other side…
911: but it’s not on the freeway?
Caller: It doesn’t look like it. It looks like a building. There are four explosions…
911: OK, OK, just a second…

911: I’m sure you guys are getting multiple calls on it. The explosion near Market and 880. Are you getting it on 880?
911-2: We’re getting it on the freeway. Can you confirm?
911: Well my caller is putting it on market and 880 and says there are buildings exploding but she doesn’t know what’s going on.
911-2: Do you have the caller on the line? Caller, go ahead. Can you confirm is it a building or is it a freeway?
Caller: It’s a building. It’s a building on the other side of the freeway.
911-2: A building on the other side of the freeway?
Caller: If you’re taking 880 north
911-2: Northbound 880…
Caller: Keep going, it’s going to be on the left side of the freeway.
911-2: Northbound 880 on the left side of the freeway.
Caller: There’s a ton of smoke.
911-2: Do you know where the closest on/offramp to the exit is?
Caller: We exited Market and we kept going to 34th street.

9/11 operators are specifically ask the caller if the explosions are on a building or the freeway — and she replies numerous times that it’s a building. A building which produced several explosions before the freeway caught fire.

Was 4/29 really a terrorist attack against our national transportation infrastructure, or was it a botched attack on an even higher-value target? Were 9/11 operators told in advance that there would be a building explosion? Is the caller on this recording legitimate, or is she a well-rehearsed actor unknowingly providing information about the real plan before it was botched? How are we sure that the caller’s voice is an ordinary 9/11 caller and not a government agent on a false flag mission? AT&T has recently demonstrated that they are willing to act illegally to advance government conspiracy. A simple flick of a switch at AT&T’s secret NSA spy room on Folsom Street could place or re-route 9/11 calls from anywhere to anywhere. Is “429” the telephone-obsessed National Security Agency’s secret Folsom Street hanky code?