What did the NSA know and when did they know it?

429truth-911-call.mp3Newly-released recordings of eyewitnesses to Saturday’s “crash” add a puzzling new dimension and raise numerous questions for those pushing the official 4/29 “lone truck driver” theory.

Caller: *inaudible* blowing up right now on the side of the freeway
911: Stop screaming, tell me what is blowing up.
Caller: A giant buil… we can’t even see… all we see is… we hear a bunch of blowing up buildings…
911: OK, OK, calm down, where is this at?
Caller: It’s on, um, oh my god, we exited Market from 880 North. It’s Oakland. OK, OK, Oh my god!
911: Ma’am, stop for one second. OK, it’s in the city of Oakland on Market?
Caller: Off Market. We are on Park Avenue, we’re looking across the freeway, it’s on the other side…
911: but it’s not on the freeway?
Caller: It doesn’t look like it. It looks like a building. There are four explosions…
911: OK, OK, just a second…

911: I’m sure you guys are getting multiple calls on it. The explosion near Market and 880. Are you getting it on 880?
911-2: We’re getting it on the freeway. Can you confirm?
911: Well my caller is putting it on market and 880 and says there are buildings exploding but she doesn’t know what’s going on.
911-2: Do you have the caller on the line? Caller, go ahead. Can you confirm is it a building or is it a freeway?
Caller: It’s a building. It’s a building on the other side of the freeway.
911-2: A building on the other side of the freeway?
Caller: If you’re taking 880 north
911-2: Northbound 880…
Caller: Keep going, it’s going to be on the left side of the freeway.
911-2: Northbound 880 on the left side of the freeway.
Caller: There’s a ton of smoke.
911-2: Do you know where the closest on/offramp to the exit is?
Caller: We exited Market and we kept going to 34th street.

9/11 operators are specifically ask the caller if the explosions are on a building or the freeway — and she replies numerous times that it’s a building. A building which produced several explosions before the freeway caught fire.

Was 4/29 really a terrorist attack against our national transportation infrastructure, or was it a botched attack on an even higher-value target? Were 9/11 operators told in advance that there would be a building explosion? Is the caller on this recording legitimate, or is she a well-rehearsed actor unknowingly providing information about the real plan before it was botched? How are we sure that the caller’s voice is an ordinary 9/11 caller and not a government agent on a false flag mission? AT&T has recently demonstrated that they are willing to act illegally to advance government conspiracy. A simple flick of a switch at AT&T’s secret NSA spy room on Folsom Street could place or re-route 9/11 calls from anywhere to anywhere. Is “429” the telephone-obsessed National Security Agency’s secret Folsom Street hanky code?

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  1. Hankmeister Says:

    Once again we see its not necessarily the facts drive this story, but rather the seriousness of the charges. And even more important is what is not being reported in the reich-wing media. I find the media’s silence on all this quite suspicious.

    So it’s left up to us 429 Truthers to fill-in-the-blanks and report what isn’t being reported by the media. Such truthiness will most assuredly reveal a White House connection of some sort, probably a conspiracy involving KKKarl Rove and DicKKK Cheney. Thanks for connecting-the-dots!

  2. krazeeloon Says:

    I was watching the Discory channel today and they were showing how some people milk snakes. I bet that snake milk has special properties that allows KKKarl and DicKKK to control the minds of everyone who drink it. Have you noticed how odd the milk tastes now? I think they are mixing some of that mind control snake milk in with regular cow milk and when you drink enough your mind becomes pliable. That’s when the Neocon thought patrol and mind control agency (NSA), takes over. They probably mind controlled the driver of that truck into planting a bomb. And since he is all hopped up on mind control snake milk, he doesn’t even know it.

  3. misterSpammo Says:

    I would direect your attention to:


    thank you

  4. Revealations 13:1 Says:

    “Multiple Explosions”. If you had a tanker truck full of gasoline and it broke open on the freeway — what would happen? To answer this question consider what happens when it rains — does the rain pool up forming a lake directly beneath the overpass? No it does not. It drains away. Likewise a spilled gasoline tanker would drain away creating a river of fire and certainly not “multiple explosions” directly beneath the overpass!

  5. Jacqueline Tourez Says:

    The NSA’s operation at AT&T’s Folsom Street switching center uses a Narus STA 6400 to monitor communications signals for terrrist activity.

    STA stands for “semantic TRAFFIC analyzer”

    Traffic! Collapsing freeway ramps!

    Google it, people.

  6. JohnnyBow Says:

    Good Point !

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