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A Blast from the Past

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Videos and photos of the attack and its aftermath are beginning to surface, and serious-minded skeptics cannot help but see the same clues indicating the identical demolition which links the MacArthur maze overpass and the World Trade Center. KGO News captured a video of the collapse which raises numerous questions that officials are either ignoring or will not directly answer. As with the World Trade Center, it is easy to see the 580 overpass drop directly into its own footprint in a smooth, vertical motion, collapsing at free-fall speed, exactly like the controlled demolition that brought down the World Trade Center.

Officials continue to obfuscate and lie; even now the conspirators are dispatching their trusted agents to trump up the official conspiracy theory. Abolhassan Astaneh, a Berkeley civil engineering professor and “leading expert on the response of steel and composite structures to earthquakes, bombs, and other extreme events will be investigating the incident after being promoted to “fixer in chief” for his stunning work covering up the collapse of the World Trade Center towers right after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It’s the same play all over again.

The terrorists have also taken a page from the old playbook. The 9/11 attacks were designed to be a terrifying and near-simultaneous quadruple attack:

Like 9/11, the 4/29 attacks also appeared as a quadruple attack:

Those who do not recognize conspiracy when it appears are doomed to repeat it.

4/29 is 9/11

Meanwhile, one must ask why the truck involved in the highway collapse had not passed a single inspection since summer 2004 without at least one violation, according to the federal records. Who allowed it to remain on the road, and what was their real motivation?

LA Times on 429truth

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Today’s LA Times shone their spotlight on We appreciate their coverage: unlike other papers they outlined at least a subset of the most convincing evidence and asked their readers to approach the numerous unanswered questions about 4/29 with an open mind. “If a person takes the time to create a website, isn’t that proof enough?” Perhaps not proof, but if a person takes the time to create a website we’re happy that the LA times finds it appropriate to seriously consider what those people have to say.

Our only point of clarification: we resent being lumped in with obvious joke websites. Unlike those who would make light of the 4/29 terror attacks, we are serious. The LA Times, as a highly respected bastion of journalism, should be smart enough to do their research and know the difference.