What the Government Knew

Records have surfaced showing the exploding tanker truck carried extra gasoline — more than is legal — on past delivery missions on four separate occassions. This new information adds a new wrinkle to our understanding of 4/29. It’s very possible that when it crashed, the tanker truck had been illegally overloaded with yet-another cargo of dangerous, freeway-destroying gasoline.

But why? Who would want the highways to be travelled by a flammable truck stuffed with extra gasoline — and driven in a truck with a history of brake problems?

Look at the facts. Government agents had already spotted the truck and the extra gasoline it carried. But the California Highway Patrol had also once identified the exploding tanker truck’s brakes as so dangerously faulty, they’d immediately ordered it not to return to the highway.

But then new brakes were mysteriously delivered and installed at the inspection site — and the doomed tanker continued on towards its catastrophic destiny.

Earlier we noted that the driver, a repeat felon, would be an easier target for pressuring from a rogue official or agencies intent on coercing cooperation. But even if they’d found their man, who would pull the strings to waive the obvious safety regulations to put this plan into action?

It’s not just the driver who was vulnerably living under a cloud. His trucking company had already been scheduled for an official review. And while the California Highway Patrol flagged a continuous string of violations — at least 60 over the last three years — instead of improving, the trucking firm’s record suddenly got dramatically worse. They’d failed one out of every four inspections up until this last year, when they began failing a whopping 75% of all safety inspections.

These are questions that won’t be asked by people blinded by the “official” story — but there’s a pattern here, and it can’t be wished away. The highway re-opens, the sun shines, and Californians blindly continue on with their lives, imagining a public safety which may no longer exist.

So the trucking firm racked up violations, they tell themselves nervously, and in three out of every four inspections, and for an entire year. The government will protect us, right? Any bad people would never be allowed to hurt us and our vital highways. The California Highway Patrol will act against that trucking firm belatedly — right?

“We may not,” their chief confided to a reporter in Arizona.

What possible reason could he give for not acting against a company with an obvious record, over three years, of violating the public safety?

“If we find this is a string of bad luck.”

3 Responses to “What the Government Knew”

  1. Sarah Conner Says:

    National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) president John Conley says “…the four violations for carrying too much gasoline raise immediate questions… but four such citations probably are not enough to show a pattern of neglect…”

    Hmmm… “John Conley” sounds suspiciously close to “John Conner”, my son, the leader of the human opposition to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s machine regime. NTTC is covering up a SkyNet plot to put their stooge cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger in charge of California!

    Wake up, sheeple!

  2. Paul (a different Paul) Says:

    These vehicles are designed for a driver AND one or more passengers. I find it curious that not one news source has mentioned the other passengers of the vehicle. This complete lack of evidence is further proof that the local news services have been completly coopted into the conspiricy. Of course the bodies of the passengers may have been completly consumed by the fire, but that assumes that the fire was indeed as hot as they claim, and not a ruse to hide the explosive charges that really caused the bridge collapse. It’s amazing that those who have been taken in by this conspiricy can play the evidence both ways. When will the world awake to this deception?

  3. Hankmeister Says:

    The other passenger was probably a Joooooooooo! I tell ya it’s a Jooooooish conspiracy and it all goes back to the Israeli Moosad who set this whole thing up in order to discredit the 9/11 Truther movement.

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