Breaking News: Attack reported in Redwood City

Another tragedy has occurred just 23.81 miles from the site of the 4/29 operation. Bay area news sources are reporting a very recent “tanker truck” which exploded in Redwood City, CA. On the spot eyewitnesses at the Mills Way location report that the explosion from the “truck’s” payload was so powerful that it launched debris and car parts, killing at least one civilian witness.

As with the 4/29 event, “The truck was completely destroyed in the fire.” Just like on 4/29 and 9/11, the munitions delivery vehicle was completely destroyed on impact… or was it? On-site reports indicate that the truck’s disintegration was not complete this time. Was ABC7 News given an advance report? Was this operation botched, the same as on 9/11 when the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 30 minutes early?

At the time of this writing, workers in a civilian office building near the site of the “accident” are being prevented from leaving, allegedly because debris from the explosion is blocking the door. Is there something in that “debris” that the government doesn’t want us to see? One patriot on the scene reports having been interrogated by suspicious individuals who refused to show identification. Some of the questions our source was asked implied that the questioners believed a missile might have been involved in the incident.

The attack was clearly timed just days before the 4/29 memorial overpass was scheduled to reopen. The message is clear: until the agents who planned 4/29 are brought to justice, Bay Area residents will never be safe.

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  1. CitizenRob Says:

    It turns out that 23.81 happens to also correspond to the the Pennsylvania code of optometric licensing.

    Is it possible that that number points to who is responsible?

  2. Dan Collins Says:

    Are you guys ever going to deal with this?!

  3. Dan Collins Says:

    Another day, and you still won’t deal with the FACT that it’s HOLLYWOOD that those bastards want to DESTROY.

    SCREW YOU!!! And that’s code for BITE MY DICK, RETARDS!!!!

  4. Paul Says:

    When are the Governator’s minions going to realize that we’re not falling for their staged attacks on our society’s infrastructure. Sure they can blame supposed fuel trucks, and their sheep-like followers will believe them, but those of us who stay informed with know what’s really happening.

  5. Herb Says:

    Dan’s right. Notice how the bridge was brought down by explosives was blamed on “fire” and Arnold has declared war on “fire”? It’s like he wanted to declare war on fire all along and this is just his excuse. I bet there isn’t any fire in California at all, that it’s all fake and trumped-up evidence so Arnold can declare war. Oh, of course they’ll show you burned out fields, but who can say it was done by fire? And the flames are all done in a Hollywood studio. I bet that someone threatened to burn Arnold’s dad once and that’s why he wants to declare war on fire.

    Arnold lied and acres fried!

  6. Not paranoid Says:

    “The MacArthur Maze freeway connector that melted April 29 will reopen for the Friday morning commute, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Monday, beating the state’s deadline by a month and two days.”

    Arnold married into an Illuminati bloodline in 1986 when he married Maria Shriver

    “The governor issued an emergency declaration that allowed an ordinarily months-long bidding and award process to be compressed into a few days. The contract was awarded only a few hours after bids were opened May 8, and work started that evening.”

    Let’s not forget that infamous reference to Arnold becoming President in the 1993 Wesley Snipes, Sylvestor Stallone movie “Demolition Man.” In a scene between John Spartan (Stallone) and Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) Huxley casually mentions in passing the “Swarzenegger Presidential Library”, much to the shock of Spartan, who has been cryogenically frozen for 36 years and missed out on all this Schwarzenegger fun. But yes, she explains that Schwarzenegger was so popular that they did away with the second amendment of the Constitution, just so he could become President. Now, what was I saying again about clues and hints being dropped to warn us?

    “We like showing what we can do. It’s a great showcase for the company,” said Linda Clifford, C.C. Myers’ chief financial officer.
    The secret?”

    Duh, anyone heard of Ft Myers? Anthrax?
    You can’t make this shit up, its real people.

  7. You are sad Says:

    YOU are real. But your neighbors are not. They are government owned robots placed there to watch you. So are most of your family. They were killed long ago and replaced with government robots to watch you. Don’t trust anyone.

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