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Archive for May 27th, 2007

Freeway Mysteriously Re-Opens Early

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

A “truck” that no one has ever seen supposedly ignites an Oakland freeway before mysteriously disappearing. The driver doesn’t remember the crash, which conveniently occured at 3:45, when there were no witnesses and no injuries were reported.

Suddenly a little more than three weeks later — the highway’s back! It’s somehow magically healed itself! There were distracting news stories about steel shortages and horrendous predicted traffic backups — but were these just carefully planted acts of misdirection?

Three weeks later, the highway is as good as new.

Almost like the accident had never even happened….

In fact, the winning contractor seemed to know they’d complete the job in record time. Their bid for the supposedly-intense construction job was just $867,075 — when CalTrans had predicted it would cost $5 million. Why so low? They apparently had some special expertise or inside knowledge, telling them they could claim the extra $5 million in bonuses promised for completing the work by June 2. Why were they so sure?

A local college professor at U.C. Berkeley examined the highway’s four new supporting piers. They know they’re faulty; they were damaged nearly 20 years again in the big Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. After completing a careful study, he located a tell-tale crack inside one of the highway supports. Is the government laying the foundation — or the lack of a foundation — for re-creating an identical freeway collapse?

The college professor can’t speak to the pre-planning of a government conspiracy to trigger future transportation “accidents.” But can he at least say that this highway meets safety standards for withstanding an earthquake?

No he cannot.

And is he going to drive on the newly re-opened highway?

No, he is not.