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429truth responds to the Oakland Tribune

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Today the Oakland Tribune slammed In addition to confusing this site with it made numerous false statements and unfair generalizations in an attempt to discredit our organization and paint its members as paranoid fools. They highlighted our most frivolous statements while ignoring the most convincing and deeply damning gathered so far. We would like to clarify their distortions and set the record straight.

Although the Oakland Tribune and others may enjoy laughing at or ridiculing our work we will not be swayed. Unlike other websites we are serious – deadly serious – and we will not be cowed into submission by our enemies, the anti-intellectuals who are more interested in kowtowing to the “official explanation” than seeking the truth. We will not be intimidated or silenced.

4/29: The Sunspot Connection

Friday, May 4th, 2007

In the past week, NASA has released spectacular photos of sunspot 953. This might lead the uninformed to believe that there is significant sunspot activity at this time, but in fact the last days of April 2007 heralded the end of a solar cycle and a 14-month low in the number of active sunspots.

In fact, the last time sunspot activity was similarly low was February of 2006, the same month in which the Al-Salaam Boccaccio 98, a ferry en route from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, burst into flames and sank in the Red Sea, killing more than 1000 of the nearly 1400 on board.

According to Wikipedia, “The number of sunspots has been found to correlate with the intensity of solar radiation over the period – since 1979 – when satellite measurements of radiation are available. Since sunspots are dark it might be expected that more sunspots lead to less solar radiation. However, the surrounding areas are brighter and the overall effect is that more sunspots means a brighter sun.” Likewise, fewer sunspots mean a decrease in solar activity — which also means a weakening in the sun’s effect on the Earth’s magnetic field.

Any schoolchild can tell you that steel, the primary material used in the construction of Oakland’s freeway connector, is magnetic, and thus attracted by the sun’s magnetism. Obviously, it logically follows that steel is heavier during times of low solar activity. In fact, Scientists have known since the early 1800s that the sun’s magnetism has a measurable effect on the weight of magnetic metals such as iron and steel. When hundreds of tons of steel are subjected to the stress of high-temperature fires, this effect becomes significant.

Ferries such as the Al-Salaam Boccaccio 98 are also comprised primarily of steel. Furthermore, the ferry was reported to have had several modifications, including the addition of two passenger decks and the widening of cargo decks. These additions would have added to the ferry’s weight, explaining why it did not sink during earlier periods of lower sunspot activity.

With the Al-Salaam ferry, as with the 4/29 disaster, there are many discrepancies in both official and eyewitness reports:

  • The actual number of passengers and crew that were aboard the ferry has never been officially established. The numbers quoted by the head of the Al-Salaam Group — the shadow corporation that controls the Al-Salaam Maritime Transport Company — do not match those reported by the Egyptian government. Even government officials could not agree on the same figure.
  • It is believed that most of the passengers were Egyptians working in Saudi Arabia, but other sources claim that some passengers were Islamic religious pilgrims returning from Mecca. Who would want to sink a ferry full of Islamic religious pilgrims? I do not mean to imply that Israel has a secret energy weapon program which can control the sun, but the Israeli ambassador refuses to deny it.
  • Surviving crew members reported that the ferry’s drainage pumps were not working. Because of this, the water used to fight the fire collected in the ship’s hull and contributed to its sinking — and that they believed that the ferry might not have sunk if this had not been the case. Was it sabotage? If anyone knows the truth, they have never revealed it — or perhaps they have been silenced by those who wish to conceal the facts.

I believe that the 4/29 attack and the sinking of the Al-Salaam Boccaccio 98 ferry are connected — and that they were timed to cause the maximum possible destruction. While I cannot speak openly for fear of retribution, I felt it was my responsibility to place this information in the hands of those courageous enough to report it to the public.

The Secret Second Crash

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

An almost identical tanker truck crashed, exploded, and destroyed a freeway ramp in downtown Houston, within 48 hours of the Bay Area crash.

Texas Freeway Tanker Explosion

Could the exact same thing happen twice, by accident, within just two days?

Maybe it was a test run. Or a coordinated plot to disrupt interstate commerce. If so, it certainly accomplished (yet again?) its goal of disrupting commercial ground transportation.

What’s more amazing is this entirely unexplained “coincidence” has gone virtually unreported by the mainstream media. All the pieces are there, but they’ll apparently only be put together by a coalition of the net roots. Take back your right to be informed — about safety, about homeland security, and especially about your government.

And for those of you who are still skeptical that the government is involved in these crashes…

This second crash occurred just three hours from Crawford, Texas.

WebSense caves to 429truth pressure

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Good news to truth-seekers, censorship opponents, and free speech advocates everywhere. WebSense, which formerly censored, has reportedly caved to immense popular pressure and shut down the filtering of

From: "PT"
Date: May 3, 2007 1:07:34 AM PDT
Subject: websense 429 censorship

I'm a student at Brunel University in London, England and have to suffer under the idiosyncrasies of the websense categorisation and filtering system. Because access to blocked sites is sometimes required for academic reasons we have a feedback system where we can report sites we believe have been wrongly categorised or to which we desire access to our central computer team for assessment. As soon as I saw the story about on boingboing I checked and it was indeed classified as "sex" by websense, which is a restricted category for users at Brunel. This does not totally bock content, but instead provides irritating warning pages every time you access something which often breaks a website or causes it to display improperly because from what I can work out the cgi script that generates the warning page and inserts it before allowing you to proceed fails to pass things like form data, referring page info and so on.

I reported this as a categorisation error to the computer centre and I've just received an e-mail confirming that they agree there is no sexual content and have forwarded this to websense for review. As of 9am BST no longer appears to be blocked. This could just be for users here at Brunel and I'm unable to check independently. Perhaps you could ask your readers to see if this was a global category change or just an exception inserted for Brunel users?

Keep up the good work!

Many thanks


This is a major victory and truly a great day for free speech and liberty around the world.

4/29: Who Benefits?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Most readers of this this forum are becoming aware that what many are calling “Oakland Harbor’s Pearl Harbor” appears to have been a grand and successful hoax perpetrated by high government officials of America and (perhaps) other countries. When a crime is committed the first thing that should be done is to look for a motive. Who benefits? Who gained the most after the crime was committed?

The collapse has severely restricted private automobile users’ access to highways while state government was quick to offer free public transit at taxpayer expense. This was a massive coup for Bay Area Rapid Transit, figuratively and literally. NPR recently broadcast a public transit employee saying that “as it happens we have a new ad campaign starting up — we made the media buy weeks ago, of course, so it obviously wasn’t in response to the fire…” All too convenient if you ask me: why ask drivers to ride public transit when you can use terrorism? The notoriously liberal LA Times asks “Should tankers hauling such flammable material even be permitted to pass through such constricted spaces? Who should be allowed to drive them?” If they get their way CHP Sgt. Jim Epperson points out that “If you build a big city and put a gas station in it, there’s no other way to get there except to go through the city.” The sergeant is of course hinting at the state’s plan to ban cars in public and forcing everyone into mass-transit train cars and buses driven by only those privileged collectivists still favored by the state with driving privileges. It is not enough for the collectivists to fund communist transit systems from taxes collected at gunpoint – must they force us to ride mass transit at gunpoint as well?!?

The destruction of the overpass has increased gridlock and commute times, keeping working parents away from their children and harming the well-being of those traditional American families. Which San Francisco organization has been steadily working to destroy the American family? Our researchers have already discovered that “429” may be a telltale sign of homosexual operatives at work: the numbers spell “GAY” using the keypad of an American telephone.


Also suspicious is a well-timed “rally” by the anti-car, anti-highway-overpass, homosexual-friendly group Critical Mass held nine hours before the attack, likely to provide distraction and cover in the west for the covert demolitions team working on the east side of the Bay Bridge. The Critical Mass manifesto espousing a “counter-technological tradition” certainly allows them ample room for covert military strikes at the heart of modern technological progress. The demolition team’s work has brought more demand for truck “safety” regulators and brought more money and power to the same DPT workers who had unrestricted access to those bridges and overpasses before the attack. COINCIDENCE?

Hats off to and their willingness to ask the tough questions about 4/29, which they agree ‘smacks too much of a script for a plain “conspiracy theory”‘. As they point out the “Decrepit Freeway [was] Demolished Ahead of Schedule to Influence 9/11 Truth Movement”. joins our suspicions by reporting that no one has benefited more than 9/11 conspiracy deniers themselves who are seizing on the tragedy of 4/29 as a way to mock their search for the truth. IndependentSources claims that 4/29 “was a “black bag op” carried out jointly by the CIA and the Office of the First Lady” but we see the fingerprints of different organizations on this one. The internet in general and the San Francisco bay area in particular is filled with fools and scoffers who theorize that 4/29 was merely a common accident and that common fire melted the bridge’s steel as a way to refute the widely accepted theory that demolition charges were necessary to bring down those towers. Yes, dear readers, I am implying that in exactly the same way that the World Trade Center was demolished the overpass could have been intentionally demolished by 9/11 conspiracy deniers themselves! Any website or organization which uses the events of 4/29 to discredit the 9/11 conspiracy should be viewed with very serious suspicion. They have shown that they are all too willing to benefit both politically and materially from this tragedy.

Meanwhile, more puzzling evidence has appeared to challenge the official story. Portions of the burned concrete have inexplicably “turned pink like a salmon“, and investigators are expanding their investigation of the near-miss on the Golden Gate Bridge as evidence of sabotage surfaces. You read it here first!

The Weslaco Connection

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

The primary witness to the 4/29 “accident” is Isaac Rodriguez, a supervisor at the EBMUD sewage plant adjacent to the freeway. As he told the SF Chronicle:

“I saw movement, and there was a man up there. I started talking to the guy. ‘Are you the truck driver?’ ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m burned. I got out as soon as I could.'”

Rodriguez is quoted: “It looked like a big slab of plastic because it was melted.”

And further “Rodriguez said he regretted not thinking to send a vehicle up to get the injured man while he and a co-worker stood for some 40 minutes watching the freeway burn.”

Meanwhile the driver (a felon with multiple convictions) “wandered more than a mile through darkened streets in Oakland with second-degree burns to a gas station and hailed a cab to take him to the emergency room, according to police and the taxi driver.”

Lets try to make this add up:

* There is a giant explosion at 3:41 am.
* Across a hundred yards of darkness, through the noise of 8,600 gallons
of burning gasoline we talk to the driver who says “I’m burned”.
* Then we continue to watch the fire for 40 minutes, until 4:21 am, and
don’t attempt to help the driver.
* The driver meanwhile walks a mile and finds a cab at a gas station in
West Oakland.
* The cab driver briefly spoke to reporters then refused to identify himself.

Draw your own conclusions.

Careful examination of Government Records indicate that an Isaac Rodriguez was a donor to the RNC in 2003.

Rodriguez, Isaac Mr. (PEACE ON EARTH CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE/), (Zip code:

Weslaco is just five miles from the 2004 explosion in Neuvo Progreso that killed six people. As with 4/29, officials immediately denied terrorism — even though they were unable to explain the explosion.

“It’s not clear what it was that happened — but it was not a bomb,” said Rio Bravo City Council President Alvaro Cervantes.

Weslaco is also just 15 miles from Pharr, the home of Global Limo Inc. The owner of the bus in the Sept 23, 2005 explosion/fire that killed 23 and backed up Texas freeways for hours. This “accident” was called “one of the deadliest accidents in state history.”

The Tanker Menace

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Dr. Bill Wattenburg, an engineer and nuclear scientist, had predicted the possibility of tanker truck attacks on America’s freeways, and warned such terrorism could disrupt America’s economy. “For some reason,” writes commentator Gary Ater, “this issue has been ignored even more than has any substantial action on securing the U.S. ports and borders.”

The Port of Oakland — located just two miles from the crash site — is one of the four busiest container ports in America. And security planners have been warned about tanker truck attacks for years, ever since 9/11. Yet besides a few route restrictions and quick background checks, wide holes were left in the security procedures governing tanker trucks.

Is this simple negligence – or something more sinister?

“Attack on Camera” – Retraction

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Earlier today, posted an image claiming to have been taken from the Lawrence Hall of Science video feed. We that the image was a fabrication, a composite taken from archival nuclear bomb test photos. The source who provided us with this discredited photo has been removed and the author who published it here has been reprimanded.

Every investigation will inevitably encounter bad leads, wrong turns, and mistakes which are easy to see in hindsight. We admit our mistakes openly and in good faith to preserve our credibility, advance the truth, and emphasize above all else that this website is not a joke. The “accident” on 4/29 was real, the consequences are serious, and our concerns about the unexplained evidence, possible coverup, and ongoing censorship remain unanswered. We are *not* a cheap parody website like or who attempt to discredit the truth movement with mockery and unfunny parodies, undermining serious investigation and rational analysis while the people who attacked us on 4/29 are still at large.

Breaking News: Attack Captured on Camera

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Update: This content has been retracted, but is being kept here for archival purposes. Click here for the retraction.

The attack was captured by a government camera at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Government agents quickly took down the video and replaced it with an edited version, but not before our investigators snagged a copy.


Note the mushroom cloud indicating a sudden blast rather than the slowly increasing blaze characterizing an ordinary fire.

Truth to Power

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Response to our efforts continues to be overwhelming as thousands of truth-seekers flock to this place yearning to discover what *really* happened on 4/29. Further research has turned up startling new and troubling facts which cannot be easily dismissed or disproven:

Finally I must apologize to those who have written to me to say that this is “too soon”, that the widows of 4/29 (if and when they are eventually discovered) must be allowed the dignity to grieve before this “tragedy” is exposed for the sinister plot it is. Their compassion is understandable but I ask you: will the Evildoers say it is “too soon” to strike again? The gloves are off. We must speak truth to power before they attack again.