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Embarcadero Station Fills With Smoke – New Sabotage Unleashed

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Another “disaster” was narrowly averted on Tuesday when smoke was reported in the tunnel between the Embarcadero and Montgomery stations. Many say “where there’s smoke there’s fire” but there is quite a lot about this “fire” that does not add up.

Reporters are already arguing over basic aspects of the “official story”. NBC11 reports that the fire started “at 9 a.m.“. SFGate reported that the fire started “just before 9:30” even though the NBC11 had already posted their article at 9:31 complete with grainy, staged photos. Were they tipped off? Further deepening the mystery, photographs from the earlier report show firemen wearing black turnouts with a thin silver ribbon over thick yellow stripes even though San Francisco standard issue turnouts do not have silver stripes. Other photos allegedly from the same day show no silver-striped operatives. Why were they so quick to disappear minutes after SFGate reported that the fire started?


As the station closest to the Oakland overpass, Embarcadero Station is a tempting target for partisans and all too easy to conduct false flag operations. There are 9 letters in “train fire” and 11 in “embarcadero”.