American Overpass Attackers go Global

Two days ago, on Sunday June 10th, unseen attackers demolished an overpass in Iraq near Mahmoudiya. On Monday they attacked another bridge in Diyala province.

Take careful note of the similarities:

  • They demolished a highway overpass – an interntationally recognized symbol of commerce and stability.
  • They attacked using an explosives-laden truck.
  • The driver of the vehicle cannot offer any useful information.
  • 4,000 jews avoided the overpass in the hours before the attack.

Is it any wonder that the terrorists – emboldened by our inaction and appeasement – have decided to export their effective tactics to the rest of the world? We cannot afford continued complacency. We must fight them “over here” before they force us to fight them “over there”.

5 Responses to “American Overpass Attackers go Global”

  1. krazeeloon Says:

    I don’t know where you got your math education, but it was over 12 million jews that avoided the overpass explosion. Now if that doesn’t tell you something, you can’t see and are also blind.

  2. BH Says:

    The domestic operations have not stopped. Yesterday there way a major truck explosion in San Antonio. No overpass was involved. I think the operative was disoriented when he executed the plan.

  3. Doodle Bean Says:

    THANK YOU FOR GETTING THE TRUTH OUT THERE!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!!!

  4. Star Wars Fan Says:

    Um….nice trolling there buddy.

    Thid entire site.

  5. krazeeloon Says:

    This not only doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t even make nonsense.

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