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Underground explosions rock Bay Area

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Add “unlucky 13” to 4:29, and you get 4:42: exactly the moment an underground explosion rocked the Bay Area.

Witnesses say it did not feel like an earthquake. Instead of the familiar rolling and shaking of seismic waves, there was one sudden jolt. Exactly 13 minutes after “4/29”.

That’s quite a coincidence. Read about it in the newspaper, and you’ll see an innocuous explanation. “It was an earthquake. You were probably asleep anyways….”

But the coincidences keep piling up. This so-called “earthquake” occured just four miles from the freeway overpass which collapsed after a “truck crash” three months ago. Again, the event happened in the middle of the night — conveniently, when there were no witnesses. And today’s explosion occurred exactly one half hour after the time of the original overpass collapse. Not 37 minutes and 22 seconds or 21 minutes and 48 seconds. Exactly 30 minutes!

Put down your newspaper a moment and think for yourself. Why is this one location the target of so many violent attacks? Is it the liberal bias of the Bay Area? Or is it something more sinister. Maybe the original perpetrators are frightened of being exposed — and they’re lashing out. Sending a message which will only be noticed by the people who are getting too close. Learning too much. Finding out too many of their secrets….

It’s a warning shot — disguised as a rare scientific “act of nature” — with a secret message for Bay Area watchdogs who are hot on their trails. Their message? Don’t get too close to us — or your world will be rocked like it’s never been rocked before.

4:29 plus “unlucky 13″….