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Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition?

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

New reports from wednesday’s bridge collapse continue to raise troubling questions over the role of the Minnesota state government. Let’s start with the collapse of the structure itself:


As videos show, the 458-foot span took less than 4 seconds to collapse neatly into its footprint at nearly free-fall speeds. Like skyscrapers, bridges are not designed to implode. For the bridge to collapse in this fashion, all of the load bearing supports would have had to fail at exactly the same time. Is the government’s “truss theoryplausible? Thermite is necessary, especially since witnesses claim to have heard “explosions” and loud booms or other popping sounds prior to the collapse. Is this how a bridge not scheduled for replacement until 2020 would respond on an otherwise ordinary day? Eyewitnesses report an event “as loud as a plane crash“, hinting at what might have really taken the bridge down.

Investigators are attempting to simulate the collapse with a computer model generated by a University of Minnesota PhD Candidate but have been unable to do so: “the computer analysis involves removing selected parts of the bridge structure until the bridge falls down“. Faulty computer simulations have long been the tool of coverup artists, especially those in the habit of producing simulations with 40% of the structure’s supports removed.

Don’t let eccentric conspiracy theorists discredit the truth movement and persuade you that the only legitimate story is the official story. It may be too early to point fingers, but even the most cursory reading of yesterday’s news reveals questions that the authorities seem all too eager to simply dismiss.