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4/ » Blog Archive » Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition?

Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition?

New reports from wednesday’s bridge collapse continue to raise troubling questions over the role of the Minnesota state government. Let’s start with the collapse of the structure itself:


As videos show, the 458-foot span took less than 4 seconds to collapse neatly into its footprint at nearly free-fall speeds. Like skyscrapers, bridges are not designed to implode. For the bridge to collapse in this fashion, all of the load bearing supports would have had to fail at exactly the same time. Is the government’s “truss theoryplausible? Thermite is necessary, especially since witnesses claim to have heard “explosions” and loud booms or other popping sounds prior to the collapse. Is this how a bridge not scheduled for replacement until 2020 would respond on an otherwise ordinary day? Eyewitnesses report an event “as loud as a plane crash“, hinting at what might have really taken the bridge down.

Investigators are attempting to simulate the collapse with a computer model generated by a University of Minnesota PhD Candidate but have been unable to do so: “the computer analysis involves removing selected parts of the bridge structure until the bridge falls down“. Faulty computer simulations have long been the tool of coverup artists, especially those in the habit of producing simulations with 40% of the structure’s supports removed.

Don’t let eccentric conspiracy theorists discredit the truth movement and persuade you that the only legitimate story is the official story. It may be too early to point fingers, but even the most cursory reading of yesterday’s news reveals questions that the authorities seem all too eager to simply dismiss.


20 Responses to “Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition?”

  1. You are sad Says:

    You are a pathetic bastard. You are looping video of the moment (for now) 5 people died. Get a life you lousy piece of shit. Honest to christ. What is your deal. “Tact” – – – look it up. Have some respect and find some friends. Do you run this garbage from a cabin in the mountains while you jack off to kiddie porn. God help you and anyone who is on your same page. You wildly swing to question and refute while the dust is quite literally hanging in the air. I live in MPLS, I’ve been standing down there off and on for the last two days. You need to get a grip. Take the vido down and get a life.

  2. krazeeloon Says:

    You are a moran. Thermites only eat wood, not steal. And that bridge was made out of steal. I heard the Joooos were working on splicing the jeans of a mosqueda and a thermite in order to make a steal eating thermite, but I don’t think they have finished yet.

  3. Jason Says:

    On the news tonight, I heard eyewitnesses saying that after they heard the booms, they saw thick smoke – not dust or water spray – immediately rising from the collapsed bridge. Smoke, like what bombs of some sort would produce.

  4. Pete Says:

    Youre thinking of termites. Thermite is something completely different

  5. EnglushTeechur Says:

    Krazeeloon, are you able to count higher than 11, or is that the number of fingers you actually have? Perhaps you should have someone stay with you 24/7, in case you do something to hurt yourself. Maybe you wear a helmet in the shower. Thermite isn’t an insect that eats wood. The insects aren’t theives, so they don’t steal. I don’t know what the hell a mosquedas is, but I’ve been bit by mosquitos. I think that you’re the moron, not the author. Open your mind to an alternate explanations about the goings-on in the world around you. Now, back to your cave. This WASP is going to have a beer with his Jew buddy.

  6. Lance Says:

    There is a conspiracy, just not the one your thinking. The government is simply not putting the money where it is needed most. There are many bridges, just like this one, that are in poor shape. They need to be repaired or replaced before they also fail. All these off the wall theories accomplish is protecting the people who are to blame by dividing the public gaze.

  7. Jesus Chrysler Says:

    Yeah, I was going to say this guy knows nothing about thermites but even I didn’t know that they had invented tiny jeans for them to wear. Those Joooos sure are industrious bastards… While thermites don’t eat steal I think Dick Cheney does. Or at least he sucks on it.

  8. Jesus Chrysler Says:

    Or maybe Dick Cheney just sucks.

  9. links for 2007-08-07 : Bob Plankers, The Lone Sysadmin Says:

    […] 4/ » Blog Archive » Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition? […]

  10. Steven Says:

    Without a doubt a controlled demolition.

  11. idiot-response Says:

    “THERMITE” not termite you dumb shit…

    “A thermite reaction is a type of aluminothermic reaction in which aluminium metal is oxidized by the oxide of another metal, most commonly iron oxide.”

  12. richard thompson Says:

    take there jobs,Send them lying bastartd to prison, and take all of there assest to help rebuild the bridge, impeach and publicly expose and ruin them. Don’t let them get awat.

  13. richard thompson Says:

    take there jobs,Send them lying bastartd to prison, and take all of there assest to help rebuild the bridge, impeach and publicly expose and ruin them. Don’t let them get away.

  14. krazeeloon Says:

    Just so you know you kneekumpoops. Mosad and Al-Queda have a secret pact to destroy the western world. Known as MosQueda. And… I only have 11 fingers on one of my hands. The other hand has the normal 10. Also, someone does stay with me 24/7, I can only hear his voice, but I know he is there, so shut up. I do wear a helmet at all times, a tin foil helmet so the MosQueda operatives can’t read my mind.

  15. krazeeloon Says:

    You are sad Says,
    Yeah, five people died, but did you notice none of them were Jews?

  16. Rose Says:

    The banter is funny, but seriously–I checked out all available bridge collapse pics and none just collapsed without wind, a bad hit, earthquake, and mostly it was just one section, or took a while of shaking before actually falling in a sloppy fashiion. Whereas 35w dropped neatly, too perfecftly “into its footprint” like a controlled demolition. The ulf theory sounds a little corny, but the theory I’ve read elsewhere on 1-35 being needed and on the route for the planned soon-coming superhighway from canada to mexico, providing a possible motive to get the needed hype and funding. That 9-11 was inside controlled demolition, is clear to anyone who can add 2 plus 2, so this new tragedy is about finding if it was planned or not, the motive, then the method. With more days weeks, engineers will speak up. When the above commenters rail against people just trying to examine all the evidence, I think I wouldn’t want any of them to be a lawyer or jurist or the truth would always be silenced. With people like them we’d be in the dark ages, duped and taken advantage by the stronger and smarter ones. Remember “innocent until proven guilty”.If there really was a conspiracy they would be the ones working for the bad guys, making sure that if anyone seemed to be getting close to the truth they should be ridiculed, intimidated and destroyed. So let’s not hide our heads in the sand!

  17. ragamuffin Says:

    the author is a shill trying to take the piss out of the 9/11 truth movement. you failed. clever….not.

  18. mars Says:

    your conspiracy theory is a load of crap.

    the bridge failed because of:

    1. Frozen expansion bearings.
    2. Rusted gusset plates.
    3. Construction – Deck replacement and unusually heavy static and uneven traffic loads.
    4. High heat. Minneapolis was in a week long 90+ degree heat wave.

    please educate yourself.

  19. krazeeloon Says:

    I am amazed at the level of stupidity. Simply amazed.

  20. Rob Says:

    “1. Frozen expansion bearings.
    4. High heat. Minneapolis was in a week long 90+ degree heat wave.”

    Your explanation is a load of crap.

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