What a real accident looks like

A “firey” crash in Grand Junction, Colorado bears all the same marks of 4/29: a truck, an overpass, smoke scarring from a fire that engulfed the bridge. Unlike 4/29 the truck even hit a bridge support directly.


So why didn’t the bridge collapse like the 580/880 interchange? This story demonstrates that a truck crash cannot collapse an overpass – unless that bridge is loaded with thermite demolition charges.

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  1. Another Paul Says:

    Heard their latest bogus theory they’re trying to sell to us? Birds! Only a birdbrain would think that birds can take down a bridge. Bridges are designed to hold the weight of heavy trucks for crying out loud. Like a flock of birds can collapse a bridge. Only CIA-planted explosives can do that. Or rust? Wasnt’ that their previous theory? My car’s covered with rust, bondo, primer, and more rust and not once has it destroyed a bridge. Don’t believe these bogus theories the CIA is pushing on you, we know that the Neocoms blew up this bridge like they’ve been doing all over the country for months.

  2. Larry Says:

    ….or was it a botched attempt to take down the bridge?

    Ooo! The plot thickens!

  3. Larry Says:

    Here’s the deal:

    Bird poop is acidic. It rusts a truss. Add that to Minneapolis’ climate! Ever see what happens to a car in a cold climate? Rust-city! Move outside California to the mid-west for more details.

    The idea that the US government is successfully pulling off implosions of it’s own infrastructure, is utter nonsense!

    Do you really believe that our federal government is competent enough to pull off that big, and not botch it? Just look at Iraq, or the Big Dig, or our Social Security system to see how flawless the feds can run things.

  4. Brindfan Says:

    Grand Junction??? Try just once to get your facts straight! This accident happened in BOULDER Colorado, 250 miles away!

  5. Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans Says:

    Where did all the bird poop go? I dream of nano bridges that will rebuild themselves.

  6. Shellemae Says:

    That looks like the highway in Junction, and I live there.. I’m pretty sure that was. Because there was a bad semi-truck wreck near my home.

  7. Photog on the story Says:

    Brindfan Says:

    October 15th, 2007 at 12:18 pm
    Grand Junction??? Try just once to get your facts straight! This accident happened in BOULDER Colorado, 250 miles away!

    What are you talking about, This accident DID NOT HAPPEN in Boulder Colo, It was on I-70 at mile marker 26, I was the Photog that shot all of the video for this story, I have one thing to say to you Brindfan put down the bong and just say no more pot for me.

  8. Amanda Says:

    No, Brindfan, it is in Grand Junction. I live really close to where this happened. YOU need to get your facts straight.

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