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Operation Oakwoods

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

James MosquedaIn 1962 the Department of Defense planned Operation Northwoods, a plot to stage secret attacks against United States targets. The plot proposed “large scale United States military operations”, a “terror campaign … pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States” by “exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots”.

Does this plot remind anyone of anything? An incident in early April, perhaps, when an immigrant named James Mosqueda supposedly exploded his tanker truck under the busiest freeway overpass in the bay area? Or perhaps the spontaneous collapse of a busy downtown bridge?

Establishment operatives are quick to discredit anyone who points out the striking resemblances between Operation Northwoods and the events of 4/29. Unfortunately for anyone brave enough to think for themselves it is obvious that the government is not above staging simulated terrorist activities, inciting civil unrest, or exploiting a truck driver’s criminal record or ethnic heritage especially if it means an excuse to pack their citizens onto trains, literally railroading them toward communal, socialized transportation.