Chinese Agents target Bay Bridge, Crab Markets Panic

Why is the Bay Area’s transit infrastructure subject to fierce attacks. A better question might be why do Americans insist on overlooking the obvious pattern?

  • All American airplanes are grounded on 9/11.
  • A fiery “truck crash” destroys a Bay Area highway ramp on 4/29.
  • The Bay Bridge suffers a freak collision with a tanker truck — exactly 42.9 minutes before 9:11.

The vital bridge suffered a 100-foot gash — and San Francisco’s water ways experienced their worst oil spill in over twenty years. But what message were the attackers trying to send? It becomes blindingly obvious when the same pattern emerges as in the past “accident” on 4/29.

April’s truck driver (who conveniently didn’t remember his own accident) had a glaring criminal record and a history of previous safety violations on his truck. In Wednesday’s attack, the ship — mysteriously piloted by an all-Chinese crew — was placed under the charge of a captain who had previously drove a cargo ship aground just a few months earlier. One reporter even discovered he’d already had four “incidents” triggering investigations by the Pilot Commissioners Board, and he’d been “counseled” about his bad ship piloting. Was this the same crew that was caught shipping World Trade Center steel to Chinese dealers? But we’d just be CRAZY to suggest that assigning this captain to pilot a 65,131-ton load, under the narrow opening of the Bay Bridge, on one of the foggiest days of the year was anything other than an innocent mistake.

Meanwhile, the Asians who dominate the San Francisco seafood markets are raking in the yuan after Arnold Schwarzenegger cancelled crab season in a move that can’t help reminding us of the jews who were caught short-selling airline stocks before 9/11. We know that 4,000 jews were not on the Bay Bridge when their Chinese proxies rammed it. And once again we ask: did Arnold know?

Why is our transportation infrastructure under attack? And why is our way of life under attack? (The Bay Area’s liberal volunteer base has diverted themselves from political activities to trying to save oil-soaked birds…) Are we powerless to defend ourselves?

Only if we refuse to see the truth.

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