Arnold in the pocket of Big Crab

Every news outlets seems content to parrot the official story: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order to delay crab season was nothing more than a well-meaning effort to protect seafood lovers from the oil leaked by the Cosco Busan. This explanation is laughable to anyone who is courage enough to read between the lines. Who is behind fabricating this panic in the crab markets? Follow the money and you will find that the governor’s order is just the tip of a sinister crab-shaped iceberg.

Every year the Department of Fish and Game opens crab season in different areas at different times. Every November, Carpetbaggers from Oregon and Northern California sail into southern waters taking Southern California crab and infuriating President Larry Collins and his San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association. When their local season opens at the end of November the northerners move back home to haul in a second catch, leaving local fishermen to fight over their leavings. One day the San Francisco bug peddlers decided they had enough.

In 2005, Fish and Game scheduled San Francisco crab season to open on November 15, two weeks before the Northern season. The bosses at Big Crab fabricated a price dispute to keep the season closed until November 23, the day the Oregon season opened, creating an embargo to keep Northern fishermen out of Southern waters until the day they were scheduled to return home. COINCIDENCE? You don’t need to be a genius to realize that a few people will make a lot more money if they sell an entire season of crab at higher prices after a slow start rather than splitting the catch and selling early.

This year, dungeness season was scheduled to open this year in the central and southern region from November 3 and in the northern region from November 24 giving northern fishermen nearly a month in southern waters … a disaster for local crabmongers. Then suddenly a convenient disaster struck, and the Cosco Busan’s 58,000 gallon oil spill became a gift from heaven as far as crab fishermen were concerned. Like the Project for a New American Century after 9/11, the SFCBOA seized the opportunity, fanned the fires of fear, and started putting their secret resource grab into action.

On November 10 the Members of crab boat owners association voted to delay their season until December 1, one week after the Northern season opens. On November 13 the governor caved to their pressure and announced that he would postpone crab season up to 3 miles from San Francisco. Not content with the success of their embargo, CrabPEC announced that they would be extending their embargo regardless of what Arnold’s order said and “stated they are unwilling to set gear in any of the waters because even the allowed zone might be affected by remnants of the fuel spill“.

This exoskeletal mafiosa are as disciplined as they are ruthless, forcing everyone to march in lockstep and tolerating no dissent. One small boat attempted to fish crab in a safe zone and was met at the docks by the San Francisco Crab Mafia. The Crabfather made the lone fisherman an offer he couldn’t refuse and Tony Anello, Crab Baron of Sonoma County, “dropped them back into the marina at Bodega Bay“.

And what will the mainstream media tell you? Nothing you’ve read here, friend. Two weeks from now after the Northern boats leave empty for Oregon these local shallow-water pirates will start selling you their treasure at inflated prices while the mainstream media tries to tell you that you ought to be thankful that you waited with an empty plate for almost a month to pay 60% more than last year to eat crabs they claimed were poison just two weeks ago.

That aftertaste isn’t fuel oil, it’s the bitter flavor of conspiracy.

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  1. The Elder Dan Says:

    I think you need only review the frequency of Larry Collins’ trips to Chinatown to see how this all came together.

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