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4/ » Blog Archive » Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Hostage Bomber Plant

Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Hostage Bomber Plant

Earlier today “a man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his chest walked into Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Rochester, New Hampshire, and took several people hostage“. Before he could lock the doors the internet was abuzz over the obvious connection: the same team that killed vince foster is once again putting more innocents in harm’s way to serve their own sinister interests.

As with Vince Foster’s death, rumors of the plant have begun to circulate almost immediately. The incident occurred on the east coast. The Clinton campaign has trotted out an “official story”. No video of the “bomber” entering the building exists. Many differing and contradictory reports are surfacing concerning details of the event.

Is this the work of the FALN who raided the campaign headquarters of Carter-Mondale in Chicago … IN 1984? Is Clinton manufacturing this incident to distract from her planted supporter at the Republican debate? Or perhaps this is the work of the Obama campaign, staging a terrorist attack to allow the muslim candidate to save the day and prove that he would be unwilling to stage a terrorist attack against the US? Like Vince Foster, was Troy Stanley yet another of Hillary’s jilted lovers? The mind reels.

With so many possible motives and opportunities it is a near statistical impossibility that this can be what it seems. Under the circumstances it is only reasonable to assume foul play unless otherwise can be proven. Even if it wasn’t a plant, it says a lot about her that we would even consider the possibility.

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