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“Maintenance Crew” Sabotages 4/29 Overpass

Monday, February 11th, 2008

At 1430 today, saboteurs posing as California Highway operatives attempted to sabotage the 4/29 overpass. Posing as a maintenance crew and using a routine “sweeping” activity as cover, government agents set pyrotechnic devices along the overpass which “ignited foam used in the joints between the concrete slabs of the overpass”. The fire quickly spread, raining fire onto the commuters below.

The plot appears to have failed because the saboteurs mistakenly used incendiary, not explosive charges on the bridge. This attack proves that sabotage caused the 4/29 collapse, since this fire was not able to melt the steel supports as 4/29 deniers claim happened in the original attack.

Had their plot succeeded the MacArthur freeway exchange, Bay Area commuters, and the economy of Northern Californa would have been once again devastated by a second major terrorist attack in less than 1 year.

Reports do not yet indicate how many Jews avoided the MacArthur maze in the hours leading up to this attack.