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4/29 Coverup Complete

Monday, March 17th, 2008

The big government coverup behind 4/29 is complete. This morning the CHP announced that James Mosque-Queda the “driver” responsible for the first attack on the MacArthur Overpass, was being cleared of all charges.

The California Highway Patrol is not recommending that charges be brought against the driver who wrecked his gasoline truck in the MacArthur Maze early one Sunday morning nearly a year ago, touching off an explosion and fire that caused $5.9 million in damage and closed part of the busy interchange for 26 days.

One hand washes the other. Mosque-Queda attacks a bridge full of civilians, CC Myers rakes in over $5 million in under a month, the state-run mass transit system loads civilians onto its trains, and Governor Schwarzenegger laughs all the way to his private helicopter.

And the attacker? James Mosque-Queda “has never talked publicly about the crash and did not return our phone calls” because he’s busy raking in big bucks as “a motivational speaker”.

You can’t make this stuff up. No one would believe it.