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4/29 Anniversary: Never Forget

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragedy of 2007. The day that all San Francisco Bay Area Patriots will remember. The day that wicked and cowardly people struck a mighty blow against the I-35W MacArthur Overpass. The day whose events, even now, are highly controversial.

Indisputable scientific evidence recorded even as the incident unfolded raised perverse and often baffling questions. How did a bridge composed of incombustible cement and hardened steel collapse after being burned at just 800˚C? Why did “no sign of the truck remain at the scene”? Why would the bridge have fallen directly into its footprint, exactly as if it was demolished? Why were 4,000 Jews suspiciously absent from that overpass at 3:45 a.m? How could the collapse take 17 minutes when the fire department only arrived in ten? How did the driver of the truck escape unharmed and why does he not remember any of it? How was the governor able to fly 78 miles in under an hour?

In the months following the attack, 4/29 deniers have attempted to cloud the issue with rationalizations and fallacies. They claim that our premises are flawed – that the driver does remember what happened. That the driver was actually gravely wounded. That the bridge did not collapse as neatly as first claimed. Large parts of the truck were found. Jews unaware of the impending attack were on or around the overpass before and after the event. The governor actually gave his speech hours later at twilight, not in the middle of the night. I am sure 4/29 deniers have an equally convenient explanation for why all conflicting evidence was discovered hours or days later – more than enough time for it to be fabricated and planted by the conspiracy whose breadth and range continues to astonish.

These deniers do not realize what is most obvious. What testimony is always most accurate? Eyewitness testimony. The sights and sounds that witnesses claim to have experienced while fleeing for their lives under the tremendous stress of that day. What evidence is always most compelling? Zero-day evidence. Reports gathered immediately from the scene by whoever happened to be there, without the retrospective analysis that clouds issues so clear and simple. What facts are most credible? The facts that we know to be true because they are verified by the evidence that we know to be true. Which theories are most powerful? Theories which explain everything. Theories that aren’t incomplete and don’t have loose ends, except the kind of loose ends that implicate the obvious wrongdoers and point directly at the obvious conclusion.

There are three kinds of people in this world. One: the wicked and powerful people at the heart of this exceptionally powerful conspiracy and their influential goons. Two: the virtuous people who have realized the truth behind the conspiracy and understand what we must do. Three: the foolishly deluded and self-deluded public for whom we are their only protectors. It is our duty to speak our truth to those who lack the courage to see it themselves. It is our duty to protect and defend those who lack the courage to protect and defend themselves. If you ever doubt, if you ever become passive or accepting, if you ever feel the fog of anger clearing from your head, just remember the emotion that you felt on that day. Do not let the ungrateful bleating of sheep or the specious questions of skeptics distract you from your purpose. Keep fighting for the truth.