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Mandarin Oriental: Why No Collapse?

At around 9:00 PM, during the fireworks finale of the Chinese New Year celebration in Beijing the Mandarin Oriental Hotel caught fire. An eyewitness captured the incident from a nearby building.

The fire quickly engulfed the 44 story building, gutting it almost completely.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

All 44 stories of the cement and steel building withstood the blaze and stayed standing, and yet almost two years later the California Government would have us believe the “official story” that almost two years ago a single story overpass in the MacArthur Maze collapsed due to a smaller fire which burned for a much shorter duration. Why don’t we see a similar collapse from a much larger, hotter fire in a taller building? Why would a building built from WTC steel not collapse a second time due to fire?

Because, unlike the MacArthur Maze, it did not need to collapse. Who benefited the most from this million-dollar disaster? The Mandarin Oriental Hotel was nearing completion. Good news for vacationers, bad news for the Chinese government that built it. No more work for contractors, no more paperwork for the bureaucrats to process, no more fire inspectors to pay off. Three hours before midnight on Chinese New Year provides a perfect cover story to start the whole moneymaking plan over again. More jobs, more construction, and more wealth for the wealthy – all paid for by the Chinese government who will undoubtedly use this as an excuse to raise taxes and export tarriffs. They kept the structure standing so that they can make more money as they’re paid first to take the burned building down and then build it back up again.

The Chinese government will not allow the real story to be told in China. As in America, dissenters and freethinkers will be ridiculed by the mainstream media. The mouthpieces of the police state, like ours, will spread their biased, ignorant assumption that this was a mere accident which will end up in the history books without anyone questioning it.

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