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Labor Day Bay Bridge Subterfuge and Sabotage

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Our tip line has been filling up with fellow truth seekers eager to expose the truth behind the terrorists committed to attacking Bay Area bridges and overpasses.

Labor Day weekend is arguably one of the biggest days for car and bridge travel in America. Does it make sense to close the most heavily-trafficked bridge on the busiest weekend of the year? It does if you’re the massively corrupt California Transportation Department, always eager to make a dishonest buck by sabotaging bridges and overpasses and then charging handsomely for the clean-up.

Deprived by these transporto-terrorists of their precious bridge the lemmings of San Francisco fled to the tunnels, creating a huge ticket sale boom for the Department of Transportation.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that the same bridge-sabotaging maintenance crew is up to their old tricks again? The same maintenance crew “discovered” a second problem which threatened to collapse a highway bridge/overpass. At this point they’re just phoning in the oldest play in the Bush/Cheney notebook – create a disaster, claim that “nobody could have anticipated” obvious problems like building an eyebar suspension bridge in a salt water environment and quake zone, stoke the fires of fear, then claim credit for saving us all while their corporations walk off with our money.

Could things get any worse? Only if dead bodies started floating to the surface. Randy Iwasaki, director of the California Transportation Department, said the span is now “safer than when we closed it on Friday.” Not as long as you and your goons are still menacing it, Randy.

Update: Not only are those bastards at the California Highway Department making money hand over fist sabotaging our overpasses and then getting their cronies to pay for it, but now they’re giving themselves fancy awards for it. This takes balls, my friends. Enormous, thermite-filled terrorist balls.