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Bay Bridge Attacked Again! Mainstream News Denies The Obvious.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


The ill-fated Bay Bridge has once again suffered a completely innocent and accidental malfunction, in no way at all caused by shadowy terrorist saboteurs. Take a look at this completely innocent picture posted to Twitter by ”@larfo“:

A picture shot by '@larfo', posted 24 hours early.

What’s unusual about this photo? Everything, starting with the date that it was posted: October 28, 24 hours in the future. The lapdogs of the mainstream media are happily lapping up the official story, saying that the cables “struck three vehicles on the upper deck” even though only one struck vehicle can be seen in that eyewitness picture. That vehicle – a Ryder truck – is the same model used in the Oklahoma City bombing, evidence that this is an act of domestic terrorism.

ABC, which we assume means “Always Buy Completely”, reports that “the broken cable is on the cantilever portion of the bridge” even though cantilever bridges don’t have cables. And – surprise surprise – “the piece that broke off was part of the I-bar repair from the Labor Day Weekend closure” – the same repair that 429truth previously linked to subterfuge and sabotage.

Who’s behind this? Follow the money. The mainstream sheep at KRON, I.E. “Kan’t Report Original News”, report that Caltrans is shutting down the entire deck of the Bay Bridge for at least 24 hours, once again forcing commuters into BART traincars and miking them for ticket money. All this just three days before CalTrans’ brownshirts, Critical Mass, take to the streets for their monthly rally. You’d have to be a fool not to see how perfectly the pieces of this intricately organized “accident” fit together.