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Breaking: Hillary Clinton’s Hostage Bomber Plant

November 30th, 2007

Earlier today “a man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his chest walked into Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Rochester, New Hampshire, and took several people hostage“. Before he could lock the doors the internet was abuzz over the obvious connection: the same team that killed vince foster is once again putting more innocents in harm’s way to serve their own sinister interests.

As with Vince Foster’s death, rumors of the plant have begun to circulate almost immediately. The incident occurred on the east coast. The Clinton campaign has trotted out an “official story”. No video of the “bomber” entering the building exists. Many differing and contradictory reports are surfacing concerning details of the event.

Is this the work of the FALN who raided the campaign headquarters of Carter-Mondale in Chicago … IN 1984? Is Clinton manufacturing this incident to distract from her planted supporter at the Republican debate? Or perhaps this is the work of the Obama campaign, staging a terrorist attack to allow the muslim candidate to save the day and prove that he would be unwilling to stage a terrorist attack against the US? Like Vince Foster, was Troy Stanley yet another of Hillary’s jilted lovers? The mind reels.

With so many possible motives and opportunities it is a near statistical impossibility that this can be what it seems. Under the circumstances it is only reasonable to assume foul play unless otherwise can be proven. Even if it wasn’t a plant, it says a lot about her that we would even consider the possibility.

Arnold in the pocket of Big Crab

November 20th, 2007

Every news outlets seems content to parrot the official story: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order to delay crab season was nothing more than a well-meaning effort to protect seafood lovers from the oil leaked by the Cosco Busan. This explanation is laughable to anyone who is courage enough to read between the lines. Who is behind fabricating this panic in the crab markets? Follow the money and you will find that the governor’s order is just the tip of a sinister crab-shaped iceberg.

Every year the Department of Fish and Game opens crab season in different areas at different times. Every November, Carpetbaggers from Oregon and Northern California sail into southern waters taking Southern California crab and infuriating President Larry Collins and his San Francisco Crab Boat Owners Association. When their local season opens at the end of November the northerners move back home to haul in a second catch, leaving local fishermen to fight over their leavings. One day the San Francisco bug peddlers decided they had enough.

In 2005, Fish and Game scheduled San Francisco crab season to open on November 15, two weeks before the Northern season. The bosses at Big Crab fabricated a price dispute to keep the season closed until November 23, the day the Oregon season opened, creating an embargo to keep Northern fishermen out of Southern waters until the day they were scheduled to return home. COINCIDENCE? You don’t need to be a genius to realize that a few people will make a lot more money if they sell an entire season of crab at higher prices after a slow start rather than splitting the catch and selling early.

This year, dungeness season was scheduled to open this year in the central and southern region from November 3 and in the northern region from November 24 giving northern fishermen nearly a month in southern waters … a disaster for local crabmongers. Then suddenly a convenient disaster struck, and the Cosco Busan’s 58,000 gallon oil spill became a gift from heaven as far as crab fishermen were concerned. Like the Project for a New American Century after 9/11, the SFCBOA seized the opportunity, fanned the fires of fear, and started putting their secret resource grab into action.

On November 10 the Members of crab boat owners association voted to delay their season until December 1, one week after the Northern season opens. On November 13 the governor caved to their pressure and announced that he would postpone crab season up to 3 miles from San Francisco. Not content with the success of their embargo, CrabPEC announced that they would be extending their embargo regardless of what Arnold’s order said and “stated they are unwilling to set gear in any of the waters because even the allowed zone might be affected by remnants of the fuel spill“.

This exoskeletal mafiosa are as disciplined as they are ruthless, forcing everyone to march in lockstep and tolerating no dissent. One small boat attempted to fish crab in a safe zone and was met at the docks by the San Francisco Crab Mafia. The Crabfather made the lone fisherman an offer he couldn’t refuse and Tony Anello, Crab Baron of Sonoma County, “dropped them back into the marina at Bodega Bay“.

And what will the mainstream media tell you? Nothing you’ve read here, friend. Two weeks from now after the Northern boats leave empty for Oregon these local shallow-water pirates will start selling you their treasure at inflated prices while the mainstream media tries to tell you that you ought to be thankful that you waited with an empty plate for almost a month to pay 60% more than last year to eat crabs they claimed were poison just two weeks ago.

That aftertaste isn’t fuel oil, it’s the bitter flavor of conspiracy.

Chinese Agents target Bay Bridge, Crab Markets Panic

November 14th, 2007

Why is the Bay Area’s transit infrastructure subject to fierce attacks. A better question might be why do Americans insist on overlooking the obvious pattern?

  • All American airplanes are grounded on 9/11.
  • A fiery “truck crash” destroys a Bay Area highway ramp on 4/29.
  • The Bay Bridge suffers a freak collision with a tanker truck — exactly 42.9 minutes before 9:11.

The vital bridge suffered a 100-foot gash — and San Francisco’s water ways experienced their worst oil spill in over twenty years. But what message were the attackers trying to send? It becomes blindingly obvious when the same pattern emerges as in the past “accident” on 4/29.

April’s truck driver (who conveniently didn’t remember his own accident) had a glaring criminal record and a history of previous safety violations on his truck. In Wednesday’s attack, the ship — mysteriously piloted by an all-Chinese crew — was placed under the charge of a captain who had previously drove a cargo ship aground just a few months earlier. One reporter even discovered he’d already had four “incidents” triggering investigations by the Pilot Commissioners Board, and he’d been “counseled” about his bad ship piloting. Was this the same crew that was caught shipping World Trade Center steel to Chinese dealers? But we’d just be CRAZY to suggest that assigning this captain to pilot a 65,131-ton load, under the narrow opening of the Bay Bridge, on one of the foggiest days of the year was anything other than an innocent mistake.

Meanwhile, the Asians who dominate the San Francisco seafood markets are raking in the yuan after Arnold Schwarzenegger cancelled crab season in a move that can’t help reminding us of the jews who were caught short-selling airline stocks before 9/11. We know that 4,000 jews were not on the Bay Bridge when their Chinese proxies rammed it. And once again we ask: did Arnold know?

Why is our transportation infrastructure under attack? And why is our way of life under attack? (The Bay Area’s liberal volunteer base has diverted themselves from political activities to trying to save oil-soaked birds…) Are we powerless to defend ourselves?

Only if we refuse to see the truth.

Operation Oakwoods

September 30th, 2007

James MosquedaIn 1962 the Department of Defense planned Operation Northwoods, a plot to stage secret attacks against United States targets. The plot proposed “large scale United States military operations”, a “terror campaign … pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States” by “exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots”.

Does this plot remind anyone of anything? An incident in early April, perhaps, when an immigrant named James Mosqueda supposedly exploded his tanker truck under the busiest freeway overpass in the bay area? Or perhaps the spontaneous collapse of a busy downtown bridge?

Establishment operatives are quick to discredit anyone who points out the striking resemblances between Operation Northwoods and the events of 4/29. Unfortunately for anyone brave enough to think for themselves it is obvious that the government is not above staging simulated terrorist activities, inciting civil unrest, or exploiting a truck driver’s criminal record or ethnic heritage especially if it means an excuse to pack their citizens onto trains, literally railroading them toward communal, socialized transportation.

What a real accident looks like

August 16th, 2007

A “firey” crash in Grand Junction, Colorado bears all the same marks of 4/29: a truck, an overpass, smoke scarring from a fire that engulfed the bridge. Unlike 4/29 the truck even hit a bridge support directly.


So why didn’t the bridge collapse like the 580/880 interchange? This story demonstrates that a truck crash cannot collapse an overpass – unless that bridge is loaded with thermite demolition charges.

Minnesota I-35W: Controlled Demolition?

August 3rd, 2007

New reports from wednesday’s bridge collapse continue to raise troubling questions over the role of the Minnesota state government. Let’s start with the collapse of the structure itself:


As videos show, the 458-foot span took less than 4 seconds to collapse neatly into its footprint at nearly free-fall speeds. Like skyscrapers, bridges are not designed to implode. For the bridge to collapse in this fashion, all of the load bearing supports would have had to fail at exactly the same time. Is the government’s “truss theoryplausible? Thermite is necessary, especially since witnesses claim to have heard “explosions” and loud booms or other popping sounds prior to the collapse. Is this how a bridge not scheduled for replacement until 2020 would respond on an otherwise ordinary day? Eyewitnesses report an event “as loud as a plane crash“, hinting at what might have really taken the bridge down.

Investigators are attempting to simulate the collapse with a computer model generated by a University of Minnesota PhD Candidate but have been unable to do so: “the computer analysis involves removing selected parts of the bridge structure until the bridge falls down“. Faulty computer simulations have long been the tool of coverup artists, especially those in the habit of producing simulations with 40% of the structure’s supports removed.

Don’t let eccentric conspiracy theorists discredit the truth movement and persuade you that the only legitimate story is the official story. It may be too early to point fingers, but even the most cursory reading of yesterday’s news reveals questions that the authorities seem all too eager to simply dismiss.


I-35W Bridge Collapse Proves 4/29 Sabotage

August 1st, 2007

MINNEAPOLIS: Wednesday evening the I-35W Bridge “spontaneously” collapsed. What caused the collapse? A burning truck can be clearly seen in many photographs, but it is impossible for this fire to have caused the collapse since petroleum fire cannot melt steel. Did anyone know about the collapse? A press release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation warned drivers to avoid the bridge hours before the incident occurred.

To quote Sherlock Holmes, “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.”

Underground explosions rock Bay Area

July 20th, 2007

Add “unlucky 13” to 4:29, and you get 4:42: exactly the moment an underground explosion rocked the Bay Area.

Witnesses say it did not feel like an earthquake. Instead of the familiar rolling and shaking of seismic waves, there was one sudden jolt. Exactly 13 minutes after “4/29”.

That’s quite a coincidence. Read about it in the newspaper, and you’ll see an innocuous explanation. “It was an earthquake. You were probably asleep anyways….”

But the coincidences keep piling up. This so-called “earthquake” occured just four miles from the freeway overpass which collapsed after a “truck crash” three months ago. Again, the event happened in the middle of the night — conveniently, when there were no witnesses. And today’s explosion occurred exactly one half hour after the time of the original overpass collapse. Not 37 minutes and 22 seconds or 21 minutes and 48 seconds. Exactly 30 minutes!

Put down your newspaper a moment and think for yourself. Why is this one location the target of so many violent attacks? Is it the liberal bias of the Bay Area? Or is it something more sinister. Maybe the original perpetrators are frightened of being exposed — and they’re lashing out. Sending a message which will only be noticed by the people who are getting too close. Learning too much. Finding out too many of their secrets….

It’s a warning shot — disguised as a rare scientific “act of nature” — with a secret message for Bay Area watchdogs who are hot on their trails. Their message? Don’t get too close to us — or your world will be rocked like it’s never been rocked before.

4:29 plus “unlucky 13″….

American Overpass Attackers go Global

June 12th, 2007

Two days ago, on Sunday June 10th, unseen attackers demolished an overpass in Iraq near Mahmoudiya. On Monday they attacked another bridge in Diyala province.

Take careful note of the similarities:

  • They demolished a highway overpass – an interntationally recognized symbol of commerce and stability.
  • They attacked using an explosives-laden truck.
  • The driver of the vehicle cannot offer any useful information.
  • 4,000 jews avoided the overpass in the hours before the attack.

Is it any wonder that the terrorists – emboldened by our inaction and appeasement – have decided to export their effective tactics to the rest of the world? We cannot afford continued complacency. We must fight them “over here” before they force us to fight them “over there”.

Embarcadero Station Fills With Smoke – New Sabotage Unleashed

June 6th, 2007

Another “disaster” was narrowly averted on Tuesday when smoke was reported in the tunnel between the Embarcadero and Montgomery stations. Many say “where there’s smoke there’s fire” but there is quite a lot about this “fire” that does not add up.

Reporters are already arguing over basic aspects of the “official story”. NBC11 reports that the fire started “at 9 a.m.“. SFGate reported that the fire started “just before 9:30” even though the NBC11 had already posted their article at 9:31 complete with grainy, staged photos. Were they tipped off? Further deepening the mystery, photographs from the earlier report show firemen wearing black turnouts with a thin silver ribbon over thick yellow stripes even though San Francisco standard issue turnouts do not have silver stripes. Other photos allegedly from the same day show no silver-striped operatives. Why were they so quick to disappear minutes after SFGate reported that the fire started?


As the station closest to the Oakland overpass, Embarcadero Station is a tempting target for partisans and all too easy to conduct false flag operations. There are 9 letters in “train fire” and 11 in “embarcadero”.